/Homekit Weekly: Looking for a wired outdoor camera? Logitech Circle View checks all boxes for the homekit

Homekit Weekly: Looking for a wired outdoor camera? Logitech Circle View checks all boxes for the homekit

There are multiple types of homekit cameras, all of which have strengths and weaknesses. I’ve reviewed UFO outdoor cameras before and when I love them I have to charge them once a year. If any camera wiring is available, this is a great option. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been checking out Logitech Circle View to cover parts of my side yard, and it’s a great homekit camera. Let’s dive into how it works with the homekit.

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Logitech Circle View is a wired 1080p camera that works exclusively with HomeKit. When I say it works exclusively with HomeKit, I mean it only works within the home app. There is no way to communicate with the camera other even firmware updates happen over-the-air in the background. I’m not sure how Logitech pushes updates, but it happens without any end user interaction. To install the camera, you need to scan your QR code using the home application. This product is a dream come true for people who like home kits and want wired cameras.

The biggest disadvantage of this product is that you have to get it. Depending on how your house is spread out, you may need to install another outlet for your home or fish out the wires.

This camera comes with a ten-foot cable in a durable weatherproof IP 64-rated body. The cable is permanently connected, so you’ll need an outdoor extension cord if you need it longer. One thing to note is that the plug is not weatherproof, so you can’t just plug it into an outdoor outlet. Since I wanted to use an outdoor outlet, I bought a socketbox to seal up where the spiral view plug fills my used outdoor extension cord.

In a few weeks I’ve been using the camera, it has become my favorite homekit camera. I love knowing I never have to charge it. Despite using AC power, it still uses a motion detection based (non-continuous video) recording system. Although I was very impressed with the quality of the speed detection. As you can see in the video below, it is possible for anyone to walk the distance at night.

Recording options

Since this camera works with HomeKit and HomeKit Secure video, it supports the latest HomeKit features. Home Comet Secure is the only way to record video from this camera, so you need at least 200GB of iCloud storage and HomeKit Hub to use it.

Inside the home application, I was able to set up a recording zone and also ignore car detection. My house is the first in the neighborhood, so we drive a lot every day. If this camera were covering my driveway, I would probably want to locate the car, but since it covers my yard, I don’t want to drive from my house.

A few other features of the camera that you should know about are the one-touch hard button to turn off the camera, and if you get some privacy it quickly tilts. Since I’m using it outdoors, I’ll probably never use those features, but it’s a great option for indoor use.

The homekit includes a light sensor and a motion sensor with a published camera, so you can use it to trigger individual lights when detecting motion through a homekit automation.

Wrap in Logitech Circle View

If you want a wired outdoor camera for the homekit, Logitech Circle View will be hard to beat. It is a suitable option for indoor use, but at the higher end of the price scale. For the price of a circle view you can buy four EFI internal cameras and you will be just as happy to support both HomeKit and HomeKit protected video. For outdoor use, however, I highly recommend Logitech Circle View.

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