Home and away Jasmine Delaney’s phantom pregnancy has been confirmed

Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) has just begun to deal with her grief over her late husband Rabbo, thinking she is expecting a child. Unfortunately for Widow Home and Away there is tragic news when her first scan reveals that she has no children – Jasmine has never been pregnant …

“The idea of ​​having a baby gave him so much hope,” Frost began to speak exclusively. RadioTimes.com. “They planned a family before his death and it seems like he’s alive is a positive way to deal with his grief.”

Unfortunately, on Monday, June 8th, the ultrasound confirmed that Jasmine had a ghostly pregnancy, and the news sent her breathing into her fullness of breath and exacerbated the pain of losing the ribbon. In the days that followed, Jass began to lose his grip on reality and found a close friend, Tori Morgan, who prevented him from going into the sea in full dress.

Frost sighed and said, “This is the biggest start to his downfall. “It is durable and it has a really dark, slippery bottom that lasts a long time. I cried a lot, got tired, but I felt honored and confident to get such dramatic content.

“I got a lot of touch on Jazzy and I can feel what he’s feeling. I really wanted to make the story and the show proud and I am extremely grateful.

Jasmine then begins to bury her emerging passion by insisting on a friend’s home, while slowly developing a sick obsession with Tory’s baby Grace, Rabbo’s daughter being conceived by a platonic fellow through IVF.

This is still the biggest challenge for Frost – his first professional acting career at home and away, where he rose to fame as a reality star on shows including The Bachelorette and Hales Kitchen in his hometown of Australia.

“This is a huge turning point for Jass in my career and mine. I didn’t know I could do it, it’s an important part of my personal story as an actor.

“I lost my stepfather eight years ago and we still talk about him all the time – I like how Jasmine talks about Rabbo, it’s important to move on when you lose someone. I think we are really telling this sad story and it is also raw. “

Frost had already publicly exposed her own mental health struggles, which in several difficult scenes left her trapped in Jasmine’s complex emotions.

“I’ve done a lot of work with my psychologist and I want to think I’m out of my own feelings,” he says bluntly. “I am very self-conscious and know how to manage my high and low system. But since I’m playing a character, it can make you more sensitive, some day you’ll have to move to an unsafe place away from your own life.

“It’s very challenging and you have to move on. I get catharsis to use my own experience and somehow tell my story through jasmine.

“I understand how she’s feeling towards Spiral, everyone thinks she’s crazy and I know it feels so good. I feel defensive and defensive about him and the plot because of what happened to me.

“I commend our writers and producers for telling the story correctly and not giving a feeling after Jasmine took the extraordinary step.”

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