Holyox next week extinct | Liberty goes to labor

It’s another week of drama at Holywax at the time of Liberty’s birth, but will it run smoothly?

And some duck eggs raise concerns about Darren.

From here to your Holyox Spoolers 21 – 25 September 2020.

Juliet fights against her feelings towards Perry

Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshow) is in Cloud Nine after the kiss she shared with Perry Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell) and this week she wanted some extra cash so she could buy a nice dress to impress herself. But as he tries to improve himself in the chain of the drug business so that he earns more, he takes the opportunity to pocket 50 50 from the money he has already earned, and this later changes a little lighter than his hand. Will her theft be discovered and is she going to be in pain with Perry?

Brody gave Booster a visit

When she is given a new bed, Siena Blake (Anna Passi) hopes it will encourage Brady Hudson (Adam Woodward). But he was surprised when he told her that he had come to the jail to see Booster and had not been able to get him out of his mind ever since. He told her that he hoped Booster would apologize for the abuse he had caused her, but would he get the bond he needed so badly?

Imran’s eco-friendly plan Backfire

Imran Malik (Ijaz Rana) has come up with a plan to have a new eco-friendly water fountain in Cunningham’s Grande Market and he is confident that the unveiling will be a great success. Unfortunately for him, it could soon be nothing more than a success and when things go terribly wrong he turns red. In fact, it went so wrong that Imran turned into an internet viral sensation – would he be embarrassed by it?

Mandy is worried about Darren

Some duck eggs have been a cause for concern this week when Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jane Dunn) has noticed that she is becoming more resistant than anyone else. Asked why he was paying so much attention to some future ducks, Darren tells him that he and Kyle used to feed the ducks together and he seems to feel like taking care of her too. Mandy accepts her explanation but can’t help but feel like she’s not coping – so she decides to read her diary …

Liberty gives birth

Liberty Savage (Jesami Studdart) usually goes to work this week in dramatic situations. After asking Brody to join her session before conceiving, her water broke and she became laborious at the hatch, but Misbah Malik (Harvey Birdi) worries that there could be complications with the delivery. Happily, however, Liberty gives birth to a baby girl and she and Brady begin their new chapter – full of hope that it will be a happy one.

We traveled in 1996

Since the whole episode of Holiox isn’t fully backed up, we still have classic episodes to enjoy, and this week we’re back to the early days of 1996 when the show wasn’t even a year old. The episode was the 18th birthday of Lucy Benson (Kerry Taylor) and bad sons Rob Hawthorne (Warren DeRosa) and Dermot Ashton (Lauren Biles) decide Sheba Ronay).

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