Holyox next week extinct | John Paul and George Danger

Doomed romances are the order of the day at Holyox this week.

Directed by John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) boyfriend George Kiss (Pen Kerr), who is proving to be a bad guy in the true sense of the word, and Sienna Blake (Anna Passi) desperately trying to hide her shaking with Warren Fox Could a new love for (Kieron Richardson) be something positive on the romance front?

Here are all your Holiox spellers 11 – 15 January 2021.

John Paul sees George’s original color

After a romantic vacation with boyfriend George, John Paul thinks life can never be better. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Not being able to stand up for himself in his argument with Nancy makes John Paul the target of George’s wrath. The policeman’s former, disinterested dean, then returns and warns JP that if he lets George get his head cut, he will end a restless, insecure commotion like his. Will John Paul ignore this very loud alarm bell? We knew PC was perfect to be true too – handsome without any serious flaws …

Sid wants justice for Juliet

Juliet Nightingale (Niam Blackshaw) had all the disguise and attitude a few weeks ago, then how the county lines have corrupted her means she is behind bars and the teenager is terrified and scared for her future.

Here comes Sid Sumner (Billy Price), the bright armor (more dark hoodie and like Nike’s trainers) desperate to be his best companion knight and get him out of the slammer. Boldly telling James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) that he plans to respond to drug dealer Victor Brothers (Benjamin O’Malley) as a recorded confession, can Sid get justice for the victims of the chaos in the county line? Or is he out of his depth?

Siena and Warren unveiled?

When he sees her tearing up the ex, he starts to think of his mentally restless sister that he was frustrated and like the more old fool Sienna. Sadly, he tells Liberty Savage (Jesse Studdart) that he never imagined anything and that he is cheating on Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) with the old flame Warren, but begging him to keep quiet.

Brody, meanwhile, has her own privacy to keep what she left in a coma, trying to stop Foxy from befriending this cruel Karmak’s daughter. The Summer Ranger (Ryanon Clements) is firmly banning Warren, if the conversation goes back to his original identity, it will be cut short.

Hunts in the village of Edward

RIP Edward Hutchinson – You will be missed even after his Machiavellian tactics and manipulation. Probably not by Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher), he can even see Tony Hutchinson (Nick Picard) and Variety Hutchinson (Eva O’Hara) even though their

When Dee decides to sell Edward’s cello after trying to clear their lives from everything that reminds them of a violent doctor, Variety takes a stand and informs him that nothing is being thrown at him until his father’s wishes come true. Is he hoping he gets his favorite instrument donated so he can sell it for a small fortune?

Sti and Samir showdown

It’s not somewhat exciting after starting work as a cleaner in the City de Valley Act, which means he’s working with Sami Malik (Ishi Shi Nair) who terrorized his family as he was created and radicalized by the influence of far-right groups. It’s gone a long way.

Marni Nightingale (Lacetti Anthony) at Cellona de D’Or takes her as her domestic technician (she can never say ‘cleaner’), then asks her for help with a flat up for a smoky gathering. The point is, Stie will soon be interested in a new love affair – how will she spend time with all this clean work?

Friday’s favorite: Siena V Will

Flashing back to 2013 this week, we take Siena to broker Will Savage who held their entire family hostage in a remote country home. It turns out that Siena captured Tom Cunningham in the same place – what are the chances? Holiox goes back to five nights a week this month, so get your Friday dose in nostalgia whenever you can.

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