Holyox 22-26 June 2020 Spoiler | Juliet and Sid leaked

Cocky Jordan Price’s fortunes have been cut short this week as he reconsidered the story of the Holyox County line drug business, but other people could be caught in crossfire if his operation collides.

Elsewhere, Liberty Savage’s pregnancy is ruined with its hormones, the evil Edward Hutchinson continues his conspiracy, and we go back to the first birth scene at the Holyox in 1997 – you won’t believe the location of the historic event. Here’s your Holiox spoiler 2220-26 June 2020.

Did you leak Sid and Juliet?

Jordan puts pressure on soldiers Syd Sumner and Juliet Nightingale on terrified legs to change the location of a drug depot at the Holyox High Environment Fair, which should be full of innocent teenagers suitable for corruption in the County Line incident. Listener PC George Kiss discusses plans to bring a sniffer dog to school for his search, the teenagers panicked and went to retrieve the hidden drugs from Juliet’s locker, only to face the gull-eyed teacher Miss Black and Mr. McQueen in that game?

Jordan’s lucky escape

Back home Jordan is relieved when Leila Lomax agrees not to go public with their privacy matters, meaning her legs can stay at the family table for longer and she can order her activities. Incidentally, these legs are worn by valuable new trainers for the drug business. Suspicious of the stimulus to school activities, Perry helps her mother search the flat if there are any more illegal substances – and they find Jordan’s stash. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

Damon and Liberty are close

Selfless Liberty Savage has gotten very hot under the collar due to being pregnant with sister Sienna Blake‚Äôs surrogate baby. When Damon Kinsela offers to throw a ‘gender disclosure’ party, he is greeted by a strong feeling for the baby’s father, Brady Hudson. But Daman is taking advantage of Maxine, his unmarried wife, who is pushing his daughter Minnie on him and making him angry. Which of the three would make things more complicated?

James prays from the heart

Juliet returns briefly, and brother / uncle / stepmother / guardian / role model James Nightingale leaves Lamax desperately for her sister / stepdaughter / ward / annoyance and comes to her and Marnie’s house (how we won’t try to list them) ‘, We’ll be here all day). With enough water under the bridge, Marni slips a note to tell Juliet to show up. Will Juliet return to Wearside View where she, or her relatives from Jordan, and her gang are still at great risk? James is obviously turning a blind eye to Bambi as he cancels his date with John Paul with PC Kiss so they can go drink.

Elsewhere …

Tony Hutchinson is optimistic as he waits for the results of his latest test after the operation which did not actually happen to remove any non-existent brain tumor. Harid’s father, Edward, is plotting to remove his son from the picture. And when Oli Morgan enters the eco-competition as part of the school’s environmental fair as a rap while wearing a plastic bottle, she’s at a high altitude. Enjoy.

Holyox Favorites: Cindy – First Years

Finally! Cindy Cunningham, Saf’s long-serving female character, goes back to the very first days of the Archives’ weekly expedition at the moment of her definition and brings us back to Christmas 1997. She was not always the manipulative, human-eating minx we know and fear: a 16-year-old coward, scared to hide a pregnancy that was about to pop ready to give birth to a baby in a video store (do they remember?) Quitting and doing things like acting must hurt you tou is a real treat for long term fans, everyone looks very young – Tony, Mandy, even Jack Osborne are not silver foxes at the moment.

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