/Hitman 3: The best weapons and gear to unlock first Mastery guide

Hitman 3: The best weapons and gear to unlock first Mastery guide

Hitman 3’s best weapons and gear are not just given to you. You need to replay the missions and earn these by increasing your mastery level. The higher your level in each level the more stuff you will get – you can get new starting places, weapons, items, suits and much more. However, we have focused only on the necessary issues. These are very good weapons that you really need to unlock.

Of these many weapons, you can probably unlock the first attempt. If you complete each mission with a Silent Assassin rank, you can easily master 5 levels in one run. If you’re aiming for a silent kill, Suite Suite you’ll get a more masterful XP. But you can also play levels in any order – so these are the items (and missions) you want to grind first. Silent Assassin Master Some of these items are absolutely valuable for being driven by difficulty.

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The best weapons and gear | Mastery unlocks the item

Emetic Poison Vial: Level 5 Mastery Dubai – Poison that makes people sick – Targets will leave the area after eating poisonous food / drink and look for ice. Usually a private restroom.

ICA Briefcase MK. III: Level 7 Mastery Dubai – Briefcase that can hide any item. Allows you to walk around with the extra illegal item without raising suspicions.

Lockpick MK III: Level 2 Master Dartmoor – Used to unlock locked doors. Keycards do not work on doors or electronic locks.

Shedative Poison Vial: Level 7 Mastery Dartmoor – Like emetic poison, shady poison can be applied to food / drink and anyone who takes it becomes unconscious.

ICA Remote Micro Teaser: Level 2 Masterbart Berlin – A small remote device that can shock anyone in an area as soon as it is activated. It’s micro, so NPCs won’t notice it when it’s set up.

Custom 5mm DTI: Level 7 Mastery Berlin – Special silent pistol that can be hidden during Frisk. Small ammunition cannot be counted and reloaded.

Deadly poison: Level 10 Mastery Berlin – Precious Poison that will kill anyone who injects it instantly. Poison can be applied to food / drink, and death by poison is considered an accidental death.

Electronic Key Hacker MK. III: Level 2 Mastery Chongqing – One-use device that lets you hack into electronic locks. The only way to access certain areas without camouflage.

ICA pen syringe emetic: Level 5 Mastery Chongqing – Special emetic poison distribution items that look like pens. Allows you to poison the drink without a doubt.

Colmar 2 – Tranquilizer: Level 5 Dexterous Mendoza – Powerful mute dart gun that knocks you unconscious. Very useful for clearing guards without killing them.

Krugermeier 2-2 Silver: Level 10 Mastery Mendoza – The quietest gun in the game. Great for use as a confusing tool.

Cigar 300 Viper: Level 20 Mastery Mendoza – Silent Sniper Rifle and the best of the game. Sniper Assassin is absolutely necessary to run.

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