/Hitman 3 Dubai: On the World | Suite Srail, Silent Assassin Guide

Hitman 3 Dubai: On the World | Suite Srail, Silent Assassin Guide

Suit Anil, Silent Assassin Hitman 3 The hardest challenge a 3 You don’t have to change your camouflage to finish a SASO run and you shouldn’t start the level with your default suit. Then you have to earn Silent Assassin – so you can’t get caught, you can’t hit any aimless NPCs, and you have to hit targets with stealth kills or accidental kills. If you go for a stealth kill, you must make sure that the body was never discovered.

Basically, it’s pretty stingy. Preparations are made to run the SASO run and for the first mission Dubai you need to prepare a few things first. As described in the full guide below, you will need to unlock a shortcut ladder – these are permanent shortcuts that you can unlock on the level. Once the shortcut is opened, it stays open forever. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

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Dubai: Top of the World | Suite Srail, Silent Assassin Guide

Before trying it Suite One, Silent Assassin Invoice, Unlock the helipad shortcut With a whip – you’ll find it by the door on the left side of the penthouse yard.

  • Required Items – Planning Episode:
    • Silent pistol
    • Deadly poison (Locked at Berlin Mastery Level 10)

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Purpose: Marcus Stevevasant

Start running Level 2 Art Gallery And look for the “Sun” display. Take cover while standing near the “sun” light. Wait for Marcus Gallery to enter – Throw a coin to the left of Marcus Before he stood under the hanging sack. This will move the guard away, give you a moment to shoot the rope and throw the chandelier at the target.

You need to move quickly and hide to the right of the art installation near the “sun” – you will have a very small window to shoot at the chandelier and not see anyone unnoticed. You only get one shot, so watch carefully.

HITMAN 3_20210121210341

Purpose: Carl Ingram

To access Carl Ingram at the penthouse, go to the art gallery and enter the “Sun” to the right of the exhibition. In the back hallway, go left and go up the stairs. Collect Kakbar Here and then Climb to level 3 Through the interior window. Then exit Helipad.

From the helipad, use Helipad shortcut To reach Ventilation Area. See NPC and watch for To visit the Carl Ingram Study – The door is right next to the ventilation area. When Carl Ingram is away, you can hide here and there Drink drinks In Study. Bring one Deadly poison And you don’t have to drop out of the Guard or the NPC.

  • Note:: Alternatively, just wait and use a coin to draw the door guard away – you’ll need to open the door or they won’t hear. Drop him and hide the body, then finally be tempted Carl Ingram. Easy!

From the ventilation zone, Rush to exit On the opposite side of the penthouse yard to complete the level. After dropping the poison, you can simply go straight to the exit, wait for the notification and leave. Enjoy your first Suite Cable, Silent Assassin Award.

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