History of how to block Instagram accounts and references in comments

Instagram has added more controls to reduce negative relationships and improve the experience for everyone on the platform. Learn how to block Instagram mentions and tags in comments, captions and stories.

Ongoing efforts to combat online bullying are consistent with Instagram and recent examples include deleting comments and controlling who is mentioned in comments, stories and captions.

New features are now live streaming (unless you try to update Instagram). For iPhone for iPhone, you’ll find new settings (when available) in the Settings> Privacy section.

IPhone: How to block Instagram quotes and tags

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile (bottom right of the app)
  2. Tap A three-line icon, Then select Settings
  3. Tap now Privacy
  4. You can select from the comments, tags, comments and history in the top section
  5. Choose whether to allow responses from “everyone”, “people follow” or “none”, tags, references, or history.
  6. The privacy settings for tags, history and comments feature additional controls such as manual authentication and more.

Here’s how these steps look on your iPhone:

After selecting which settings you want to customize, choose who you want to tag or specify.

You can choose to manually approve it in the Accounts section and you can block each user in the comments settings.

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