Hillary Burton’s new reminiscence begins with the torture she endured from the “mountain tree”

More than a decade has passed since Hillary Burton starred in One Tree Hill, but many memories – happy and sad – remain with the actress.

In Burton’s new memoir “Rural Diary”, the actress talks about her family and life on 100 acres of Hudson Valley. However, despite all the positives around him, he was also deprived of the abuse he suffered in the hit drama series CW.

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“I had such a strong connection to the show and I’m still working on it,” said Burton, who starred on the show six years before its release in 2009. “There was a lot of good there. But it was bad there too.”

In 2017, he, along with several former members of the band and members of One Tree Hill’s film crew, complained to show creator Mark Schwan about the sexual violence and harassment they suffered.

Burton recalled that the creator of the series was “ready”, which he said was verbally offensive to him in 2017, untouchable and kissing against his will. (Schwann did not comment on the allegations and was fired from the show’s cast at CW in 2001).

However, despite the horrific situation, the actress has not formally complained about her boss and her behavior in her decades.

“I’ve been told your career will end if you talk,” Burton said. “You will be marked as a violator.”

As a result, “I have not said anything for ten years,” – said the actress. “And as a result, people have ridiculed me ruthlessly. The guilt that comes with it is really tough. “

But now, he admits, “I’ll always be angry” about the abuse in the film. However, now he is concentrating on passing on the education that his young daughter has received.

“It affects how I am a parent (George),” said Burton, a mother of two, son Gus and daughter George. “He will never gather. If my daughter tells someone to do it – great. I hope I get a chance to do it. “

She also talks about her experience with her son Goose. “He knows there’s something awful about this meeting, and he asks me,‘ Why are you still holding a conference for this? Why are you still talking about it? “But as an adult, I decided to focus on the fan base and crew and the skills that need to be learned every day.”

Burton added, “It was a great opportunity for me to expand. And whenever (charges) are all there is, we have to sigh with relief.

In the end, Burton hopes that “this kind of behavior is going out of our industry.” However, as the actress puts it, “there’s still a lot of work left.”

Hillary Burton’s new memoir “Rural Diary” will be published in May.

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