Hilaria Baldwin’s Spanish Love Dad, comes from the restructured blog show

The Spanish “roots” of Hillary (or Hillary) Baldwin can be found back in her paddock.

In a 2014 blog post, expressing his concern over his decades-long fascination with sensitive issues, he wrote:

Hilaria Baldwin Getty Images

David L. Thomas Jr. posted the admissions to International Integrators.RJ, an organization he founded with Hillary’s mother, his wife, Dr. Katherine Howard.

Five children with actor-husband Alec Baldwin have been on fire since Baldwin was released after the birth of Hillary Howard-Thomas in Boston, claiming to have no Spanish descent and that she was not from Mallorca, Spain.

His father claimed that he had a “life-changing” incident with a young Spanish priest in 19 Spanish, with whom he had befriended on the train to Madrid, helping him “completely immersed in Spanish life and culture”.

Thomas and Howard retired in 2011, when their daughter was 2 years old

Hilaria, 3, was born in 1984. After a decade of long love for her father in Spain, she always wanted to be considered Spanish, her friends said.


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