High School Girls Volleyball: Brothers, Coach Reed and Matt Carlson meet on different sides of the net in Lone Peak-Park City match

HYLAND – If you asked Brother Reed and Matt Carlson when they were studying at the University of Utah what their post-college plans were, they probably wouldn’t have made it to the top of the list of high school girls volleyball coaching.

The two Chicago kids have just finished coming to Utah and are enjoying being the head coaches at Lone Peak High School (Reed) and Park City High School (MAT).

“It’s always fun. This is probably our fourth installment in five years. It’s always fun. I’m enjoying the game against Matt’s teams, they’re always well trained and you know. He’s a great coach and it’s always interesting to see what he does with his team. “- Lone Peak Coach Reed Carlson

After playing volleyball at the University of Utah with Matt Carlson, Red Carlson got into high school volleyball coaching after understanding something from his parents to coach a club team. Initially, Red Carlson was hesitant about the idea of ​​girls high school volleyball coaching but rejoined almost a year later. Reed Carlson moved on to coach Lone Peak within a few more years.

“A lot of the kids I coached at the club were at Lone Peak. Danna (Mayer) resigned and they told me to apply. I didn’t want to be honest with you. Coaching high school wasn’t going to be my thing, but they meant it to me, “Red Carlson said.” Luckily I got the job and we’ve had some success and it’s been good so far. “

After Reed Carlson started coaching club volleyball, Matt Carlson also started coaching girls volleyball.

“Finally, he (Reed) did it and he liked, ‘Dude, it’s so much fun, you came to do it.'” He persuaded me to coach and then the rest of the history. I’ve been coaching since then. “

Both have had success, with Reed Carlson winning three state titles and Matt Carlson one.

The two brothers grew up playing volleyball and have been passionate about the game ever since. Reed Carlson was introduced to volleyball in seventh grade.

“I was introduced to volleyball and it was one of the things I really liked and I couldn’t get away from it. It turned out to be my passion, my go. I dropped out of high school football in my senior year so I could focus on volleyball alone, ”said Red Carlson. “It’s a huge part of my life.”

The two were up against the net at Lone Peak on Wednesday, coaching against each other. They even shared a moment in the third set to help fix the Neil antenna.

Grid view

  • Lauren Jardine (117) of Lone Peak hit the ball against Mattie Pryor (2) of Park City at Lone Peak High School in Highland on Wednesday, August 22, 2020.

    Laura Setage, Deseret News

  • Lone Peak’s Kinley Swann (227) hit the ball against Park City’s Hayden Goodman (3) at Lone Peak High School in Highland on Wednesday, August 22, 2020.

    Laura Setage, Deseret News

“It’s always fun. This is probably our fourth installment in five years. It’s always fun. “I enjoy playing against Matt’s teams, they are always well trained and you know,” said Reed Carlson.

The Knights won 3-0 (25-21, 25-19, 25-21) and defeated the Minors in a straight set.

“It’s always an embarrassing challenge. Reed is my absolute best friend and we are super tight as brothers, but when a game is launched, we become very competitive. I hate losing, he hates losing. “It’s definitely bitsweet,” Matt Carlson said.

Lone Peak rose to 3-0 that year, while Park City dropped to 0-1.

“I think we had a better pass than yesterday. Offensively, I think we could have been a little clearer. I think our setting might be a bit clearer. “I must have been a lot happier with our service tonight, it was a little better, and tonight was a little better for us to spend the night,” said Red Carlson. The night was a little weak.When everything comes together in one day, it will be a fun day of volleyball for us.

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