/Here’s how he told Victor Ario

Here’s how he told Victor Ario

Nicole and Victor shared some great news with their fans. Peak Credit: @coconut_ / Instagram

Big brother couple Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo are going to have a baby this summer.

The big news was recently published by the couple after Nicole broke the news after her social media followers and Victor shared a picture of Sonogram on her Instagram page.

Nicole has now shared a great video, breaking the news to Victor for the first time. It’s been a great moment for this couple and now it’s in the video to show their baby on the street for many years to come.

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Nicole surprised Victor with the news of the baby

It turns out that Nicole set it up so that Victor thought they were filming a video for their upcoming wedding, but Nicole planned everything for different reasons.

As shown in the video below, Victor is surprised when he is asked to check the pocket of Nicole’s apron. There she finds a pregnancy test. We won’t make the response worse, but it’s good to watch the video shared below.

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Nicole and Victor: The Amazing Race from Big Brother

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo met as members of the Big Brother 18 cast. Although they opposed the alliance, and after that season they did not become a couple.

After appearing on BB18, the couple then competed in an amazing race. To keep it on top, they then appeared in Big Brother 20 season, where Victor proposed to Nicole in the middle of the living room.

The BB20 cast took the offer while still playing the game, so they got to see it from the Head of Monitor in the room at home. There was a party in the living room to show some of the house guests in the past celebrating.

Nicole returned to play in Big Brother All Star 2, where she is in third place. Victor encouraged her from home and since then they have returned to their online podcast hosting.

Now, they have a baby on the way and are planning a wedding. The couple is planning to tie the knot before Nicole is born, so we can write more about when the big day can be planned soon.

E We are behind @ @Nicole_Franzel officially from থেকেCBSBigbrother’s house !!

Join Nick and Vic as they open up about what it feels like to be back home and how it represents a return to real life. 🥰 Plus… We have wedding updates !! . #Bigbrother #bb22 pic.twitter.com/a7UgwlPeUQ

– Cocoa caliente (@cococalantiped) November 12, 2020

Bigger brother news

CBS has ordered the next new season of Big Brother and it will air this summer. Those interested in becoming a member of the BB23 cast can still apply online.

Big Brother is currently on break from CBS.

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