/Heckler compared Dame Sen’s Chuck Schumer to Adolf Hitler

Heckler compared Dame Sen’s Chuck Schumer to Adolf Hitler

Incumbent Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DNY, compared Adolf Hitler by Hackler during a news conference Tuesday.

The census message during a media rally in Manhattan centered on asking the Transportation Safety Administration to add last week’s Capitol Rioters to the agency’s no-fly list. Towards the end of Schumer’s speech, a masked woman insulted the lawyer by stepping in front of the podium, the New York Post reported.

“You racist socialists can throw it away, but you can’t accept it and you can’t remember it. Adolf Hitler was a socialist and just followed you, you’re nothing but a coward!” The woman said she was “delighted” about the revolt in the Capitol.

“I was actually sexually aroused to see you hiding under your desk. How much I hate you, I’m glad they did.”

The woman wanted to know if Schumer told Capitol police not to do anything during the attack.

“Did you tell the Capitol Police to get up? Did you tell them to stand up? Answer the question! “He shouted,” I’m just a voice here at the moment, but I believe, if you do this to 75 million Americans, try to put us in prison, you have to pay 175 million to save us.

“As long as we have anger and unrest in our hearts, there will be unrest on these roads.”

During the woman’s treadmill, Schumer grabbed the mic of a news outlet, “Can we move her?”

When the guards tried to grab the woman simply and gently, she shouted, “Let go of my hand!”

“Six feet! Six feet! Stand down! Stand down! Stand down!” He shouted.

“I’m a shemale and I’m a gypsy, which makes me a minority of color, don’t do it, Schumer doesn’t like it for you.”

The woman then allowed Schumer to continue her press conference. The senator questioned, though his reactions were unusually brief before the incident ended.

The woman starts screaming in the background as soon as Suma leaves.

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