/Heather Gay of RHSLC reveals that the show has changed her life

Heather Gay of RHSLC reveals that the show has changed her life

Heather Gay admits that her life has gotten better through RHSLC filming. Peak Credit: Bravo

Salt Lake City star Heather Gay’s Real Housewife has revealed that the filming of the show has given her a new and positive outlook on life.

The owner of Beauty Lab + Laser sat down with ET to reflect on his time on the show.

“It’s been transformative,” Heather explains passionately. “I’ve been revived with such humanity and the community there and the love and connections you can make through social media and television and so I think I have a new lease on life.”

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He further added that this opportunity has given him the ability to take charge of his life.

“I feel optimistic and I’m passionate about it because I’m just pedaling the back seat of the tandem bike for the kids and my family, you know?” Heather admits. “And so I never thought that this opportunity and this kind of opportunity would cross my path. So I feel grateful and feel lucky myself.

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He further admitted that the ceremony forced him to be honest.

“Force me,” he insisted. “Helped ?! Help is like a pipe of fire to drink water. (It) forced me to live as honestly as it should have, and sad for me, but I have to be honest, that’s it.” It was accepted. “

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Heather received a response from the Mormon Church

Since attending RHSLC, Heather has received a response from her community to the Mormon Church.

He explained that it was mostly “religious” Mormons who took issue with what he said about their religion.

He explained that he had said something on the show that could be interpreted as “negative about the church” and therefore had a “breaking code”.

As she claims, Heather is right about her journey to Mormonism and how the community treated her differently after her and her husband Billy Gay’s divorce.

At that point, he began to feel like an outsider and inquired somewhat about Mormon’s habits as he worked to become his own person.

He even identified it as a “good Mormon has gone bad”.

Although he has some skills with the practice of religion, he still seeks the approval of his Mormon community.

Heather teases the dramatic reunion

Heather admits that the recently filmed RHSLC reunion was much more intense than she expected.

He explained that there was an issue here where six women were talking to each other.

However, he praised Andy Cohen for how he managed the reunion.

Heather is even proud that she “won” the reunion. He seems to be referring to this fight over how long they and Lisa Barlow have known each other

Heather admits that problems between her and Lisa are not resolved during the reunion.

She also admits that she thinks how angry she is during the reunion can surprise the audience the most among all the housewives.

Real Housewives in Salt Lake City aired on Wednesday at 10/9 C in Bravo.

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