He returned to the business: crypto wallets, smart desks and wireless modems

Kovid-19 is thinking about how the epidemic works, connects and people communicate. Recent crowdfunding campaigns have taken a look at products that make digital life a priority. As always, be careful when running a mob violence campaign and don’t miss out on what you can’t lose.

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HashWallet Some global health crises have shaken some people’s faith in the stability of today’s world order and led to a greater interest in cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have their own challenges, including the vulnerabilities of hackers at the exchange and customer level. Hashwallet comes from here. Secured as the most secure cryptographic wallet, the credit card-sized device contains an updated version of digital credit cards intended to store digital credit card information.

It has a huge electronic ink screen and a fingerprint reader and supports all major cryptocurrencies. If the card is lost or stolen, users can store the recovery key on a separate card with a secure online service and recovery seeds. Hashwallet-based Spanish developers are offering the product for মাধ্যমে 167 through Indigogo and expect to deliver the product in December.

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AIT Smart One. With a sudden change of work from home, they had to adapt to a reduced set of office services. For those who are accustomed to working at home or need to try to upgrade their WFH setup, AIT has created a mix of unusual features in compatible work staples, including foot, LED ambient lighting, stereo. Speakers, wireless charging, app-enabled air quality monitors and stress relief, enhanced productivity and other benefits to encourage other “fitness and health module” exercises. Among the options are the usual accessories of a desktop computer holder and the amount of general aromatherapy radiation less. You can get your essential oils directly from the company.

The Smart One comes in a variety of colors and finishes, and gradually the options gradually turn into a huge range of bargain prices: from $ 449 for a fully loaded setup to বেস 988 Basic. If that’s not enough, the version called Phantom 1 is even bigger, offering 1,149. Fort Myers-based manufacturers delivered the table through Indigogo and expect to deliver the product in August.

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Nature modem. Before Mi-Fi gave birth to the concept of personal hotspots, there were some cell modems that were directly connected to laptops. Nature is an effort to restore these products. Unlike personal hotspots in particular, the product does not have batteries but the company has focused on reducing battery leakage from laptops. That said, it can support multiple devices when connected via personal hotspot capabilities.

The company’s internal contract plan will be $ 6 per gigabyte which will add to the personal hotspot plan of action in terms of price and complexity. Directly connected modems may have some security benefits but the prices do not include any suggestions for replacing your home Wi-Fi. Net can be configured for global carriers and supports a VPN option in addition to bring-your-own-SIM. Boulder-based developers on the net are offering the product for 99 99 through Indigogo and expect to deliver the product in July.

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