HBO Max is coming to the Justice League Snyder Cut teaser launch

It is rumored that a sneak-teaser is coming to HBO Max to promote and promote the Snyder Cut of Justice League rumors on WarnerMedia streaming service after the launch on May 27th.

Joe Batman, a veteran of the Air Force who worked in radio, posted the following on Tuesday in the #Release theSinderCut Facebook group on VVS Allegory:

“HBO, WB, AT&T, DC and Time Warner hope that the hype will keep the HBO Max at a media distance, ensuring that its launch has a successful amount of subscribers and ads. So its coming soon, they are planning to release Snyder Cut! “

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It further added that the teaser is “a short video behind the scenes of Jack putting his project together with a few teasers” “There may also be some things from his Vero.

What’s more, a “Crisis of Infinite Earth Graphic Novel” related to the CW crossover is planned. It will have new elements that will expand into subplots around Ezra Miller’s Como and explain how Snyder films will fit (or complicate things):

“The only part of the rumor that seems complicated is that DC Comics planned to publish a deluxe version of Crisis in Infinite Earth’s graphic novel, coinciding with the launch date of HBO Max. This hard cover, deluxe version, graphic novel should be based on Arrowrover TV Saga. Rumor has it that there must be one more story about the flash meeting with Easter Miller’s flash in Great Gustin. This continuing story will basically explain how Snyder is still possible when you see how it still exists in another “world” / timeline. If they want to remove some things from the cannon, the crisis also gives flexibility to the WBI (which is to be expected). “

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The real complication is the suspension of Diamond Publishing’s direct epidemic market:

“This part of the rumor is” complicated “because comic bookstores are all closed and printing has apparently stopped.”

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Justice League Dark: The latest episode of the latest episode of DC’s Animated Universe, with subtle references to Snyder’s perspective – has something to do with:

“The release of Justice League Dark: Apocalypse was to test the waters of war. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that it has a lot of elements and is the title of Jack’s dreamy plan. “

A recent story by Harley Quinn of the DC Universe, reluctantly mentions the crowd that supports the Snyder Cut and the #ReleaseDiscountDarkut campaign.

Batman believes that Warner Snyder Cut and Wonder Woman gave themselves flexibility in the 1984 event so that they could take Snyder’s plans and possibly bring him back:

“If all goes well, then Snyder Cut and Wonder Woman 1984 is a huge success, an event that was planned to give Warner Bros. maximum flexibility. It will go beyond the planned fingers. That way, they have them (the sacrificial goat) and can continue with Jack’s plan. “

He called on readers to continue their “critical” support:

“They listen to us. Keep posting on social media. Continue to pay for these movies, graphic novels etc. Your support Give critical reasons to bring back their critical critical for very important decisions in the coming months! If they feel that there is still a lot of constant demand with his universe. “

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Batman further claims that Snyder took a break from Netflix of the Dead Army to end his Justice League:

“Did anyone notice the time frame between the HBO Max announcement when Jack insisted on us with his cut picture, and why was the Army pushed into production a few months ago for the sake of excuse?

“Jack worked on it. His pictures come from his project. As he finished his work, he walked down the aisle with us. Now he’s done. And he has just started producing his latest film. Warner Bros. will get it done as he sees his cut hype and decides how to proceed with the DC Universe. “

Batman does not work for Warner, but says he has internal resources that he protects:

“I have heard it through verbal conversations with very reliable sources. It is. Excited! And make sure you’re supporting it financially to bring DC Jack back.

“Sorry. But I can’t disclose my source. It could jeopardize their careers and what they need to do now.”

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Batman insisted it was a rumor:

“It simply came to our notice then. I certainly hope I haven’t been fooled, and I certainly hope I (everyone) have made myself less credible to everyone. I must be hopeful that this will soon prove to be true. “

Mr. Batman could be bamboo, but if he is, we are all. The internet is fine with reports of Snyder being cut and finished. Grace Randolph, Matt McGloin of Cosmic Book News and – oh, yes – Jack Snyder said or suggested the cut was being done.

Snyder showed us four movie boxes at Vero, which suggested he had the necessary footage. The report also mentioned that Warner could pay him to film them.

Jack Snyder operated a watch in Vero with Batman vs. Superman, ignoring the theatrical version of the Justice League completed by Jose Wayden in 2017 – and Grace Randolph claims, Jeff Johns.

“You know, I think they should make a sequel to this movie one day (VVS) (one day),” Snyder was surprised to learn that they formed a “somehow” team.

He added, “It would be great.”

It seems to be one of his works. We’ll see.

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