/Hard to kill results – Callihan vs. Edwards Barbed Wire genocide

Hard to kill results – Callihan vs. Edwards Barbed Wire genocide

It all comes down to this. Welcome to Live Coverage of the Bleeding Cool of Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill PPV. I’m a Jude terrorist, and I just want to say, no matter what my stupid colleague “Chadstar” says, a lot of people including me believe in L President. And I hope he is doing well and has had great success in his mission at my pillow factory. Now, to recover.

But before discovering what happened, Bleeding Cool insisted I posted this SEO-optimized keyword-rich boilerplate about Hard-Kill so they could get more clicks and make more money. And who am I to pray this to them? Here it is:

Impact Wrestling’s first PPV event of 2021, Hard to Kill, features the completion of the first part of the company’s crossover with AOU. AAU Champion Kenny Omega will face Impact Tag Team Champion The Good Brothers in the main event along with Impact Champion Rich Swan, TNA Champion Moose and Motor City Machine Song’s Chris Sabin. Knockout Championship Match in Hard to Kill, Defending against Diana Purajao Taya Volkairy, Triple Threat of X Division Championship between Chris Bay, Rohit Raju and Champion Manik as well as Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament and Tournament in Tournament Face to face. In an untitled contest on Hard to Kill, Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Dinner face off against Tommy Dreamer, Cousin Jack and Ginner in an Old School Rules match, Eddie Edwards faces Sami Kalihan at the Barbed Wire Massacre, and Ethan Page faces Karat (Yojan). And Rosemary and Crazy Steve Tennell took Dashwood & Caleb one by one. Finally in the pre-show Brian Myers faces Josh’s Alexander. Hard to Kill has been unveiled as usual from Skyway Studios in Nashville and can be purchased on the traditional themed PPV or the Fight TV app.

Impact Hard to Kill a Barbed Wire Massacre Match Graphic Episode 9 of the 10-part series post read: Episode 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Episode 5 | Part 6 | Episode 7 | Episode 8 | Episode 9 | Part 10

Impact Wrestling PPV Killing Hard Results Share 9

The match looks like the National Guard is trying to stop Trumpbronis from overcoming it. On one side there is a fence of chain link covered with barbed wire. There are barbed wire around the rope, attacked the weapons and various planks so that people can be insulted perfect it is going to be cruel.

Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Kalihan – Barbed Wire Mayhem

Within a minute, Sami Kalihan was exposed. Within five minutes, Edwards was struck by a sheet cut with barbed wire of plywood and was also bleeding. It just gets worse from there. Hitting with a barbed wire covered chair. The piledriver is suspended in two steel chairs by a plywood covered with barbed wire. Sammy again tried to kill Eddie with a baseball bat (covered with barbed wire, of course) but Eddie kicked him with the ball and hit him in the knee party in Boston. Sami pulls one out of it to give you an idea of ​​how this match is going. But an emerald flow on the thin plywood of barbed wire is enough to keep Sammy down.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Okay, it could be worse.

After the match, we can get the next PPV of a video ad Impact, Rebellion coming in April.

Live coverage of Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill PipVir Cool Bleeding Cool continues, but that’s the end of All Jude Terror. His epidemic, L President will be back soon with coverage of the main event, so check back again soon!

This post is part of a larger series: Impact Hard to Kill 2021.

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