/Happy Laughter Agency Latest Nanoidroid Image – Connor from Detroit: Becomes Human Details

Happy Laughter Agency Latest Nanoidroid Image – Connor from Detroit: Becomes Human Details

The Good Smile agency has announced the latest nanoroid statue and details that will focus on Quantum Dream’s critically acclaimed title – Detroit: Hon Human.

The nanodrods are small statues that are dignified for being very beautiful, and of course they nailed it to the head with their latest collection. The statue is one of the game’s playable characters – centering on the purchase – if you play Detroit: Hoon Human, you’ll probably say he’s one of the best in the game, so he’s a pretty little nanoroid.

There is little way to collect what is going to be released in February 2021, but the company did release some great promotional pictures featuring Connor. See the statue below:

“My name is Connor. I am CyberLife sent Android.

From the popular game “Detroit: Be Human” is a Nandroid of the advanced prototype Android Connor! He came up with two facial plates – a standard expression and an expression in front of the eyes

Parts include his handgun, a fish, a clear sheet of choices among the choices from the game, as well as a textless version of the clear sheet, allowing you to create different situations in a variety of situations.

Nandroid brings three interchangeable color variations of the LED ring to his temple, allowing you to display it as blue, yellow or red. Be sure to add Nendroid Conner to your collection!

In related news, the Good Smile company has announced another PlayStation character in the form of an intelligent nanodroid figure, but this time it was centered on Sony’s huge IP – The Last of You Part 2.

Detroit: Hon Hon is now available for the PS4 and PC platforms. Are you a fan of adventure games? Thinking of picking the statue? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Good Smile Company