Hands-on: iOS 14 Beta 3 changes and features [Video]

Earlier today Apple released the third iOS 14 beta to developers and as expected, it has been bundled with several new changes and features. After watching our hands-on video walkthrough to explore what’s new in iOS 14 Beta 3 and iPad 14 Beta 3, leave a comment with your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe to YouTube 9to5Mac for the upcoming Apple software release.

The new home screen functionality for widgets, app libraries and page editing was not very obvious in the first two betas. To help with the discovery, Apple has added three new explanatory pop-ups to the mix to help new users get started.

While these commenters may somehow be tweeted before the final version of iOS 14, I hope they become permanent pieces of the iOS 14 acquisition-experience. As always, this is only a small part of the changes in beta 3, so check out our bulletin list below for all the changes on the cover.

Video: iOS 14 Beta 3 changes and features

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What’s new in iOS 14 Beta 3?

  • Edit home screen interpretation pop-up
  • App library explanation pop-up
  • Explanatory pop-ups for widgets
  • The point position of the lower page
  • Updated music app icon
  • Updated music widget background
  • New Music Library Menu Glyphs
  • More Authorized from Legacy Widget Region More
  • The smart stack now has a larger size option
  • Share music on Snapchat stories
  • New memoji face .ka
  • New clock widget
  • Delete the color saved in the markup
  • It’s easy to move apps from the App Library list to the home screen
  • Fixed a “other” storage bug
  • New Shazam shortcut action animation
  • Apple Music remembers where you went
  • Display more hints of zoom updates on the 5.4-inch iPhone 12
  • Drag and drop songs into playlists on iPad Music
  • VP9 decoding in Safari experimental settings
  • Position-based hand wash reminder
  • Shows the number of health washes

Music app updated to iOS 14 Beta 3. Not only do we get a new music app icon that will not only bring back the memory of iOS, but also match the background of a new music app widget. Additionally, there’s a new music library menu glyphs and a smart resume feature to help pick up the music playback you’ve left behind.

Other features of Life Extension include an easy way to drag apps out of the app library list to the home screen, as well as the ability to delete colors stored in the new iOS 14 markup interface.

What are your thoughts on all the changes and features of the new iOS 14 Beta 3? Close words with your observations in the comments.

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