Greenville peaceful protesters are helping residents vote

Greenville, NC. (WNCT) –

Protesters gathered at Kebab Kings in Greenville and East Ice in East Carolina in June to register and train people to vote in the upcoming November election.

“We are taking steps by telling registrars to vote, so that we can make a difference in the upcoming election,” said ECU senior Justice Elerbe.

Elarbe believes it is important for people to vote in this warm political climate

“I hope it’s true for the nation that we understand that we have differences, but these differences make us unique,” ​​Ellerbe said.

Incidents like this in Greenville followed the murder of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, who died at the hands of a white police officer.

Floyd’s death gave birth to the need for change.

David Ball Lower ECU.

As a white man, he believes that it is his duty to speak.

“The first step in action is for whites to come forward, to recognize our opportunities and to help our black brothers,” Ball said.

Prior to the ceremony, protesters marched on the Greenville City Council building with spiritual leaders.

Writer and public speaker Dr. Evangal Savage said that continuing to speak and organize such events would help the purpose in the future.

“Once we maintain the dynamics of the project, we build our visibility and the importance of the work until it changes,” Savage said.

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