Great with Capcom, including the original Resident Evil 4 director game remake

There is a big trend in the video game industry lately. We’ve been revisiting the titles of more popular video games since a few years ago and will be redesigning them for modern platforms. I’ve only received remakes of this generation of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 that Capcom has brought with Resident Evil franchise somewhat frequently. Rumors are now suggesting that Capcom is continuing this trend.

Capcom has plenty of IP available to them to create new remakes for seniors and newcomers, so it looks like we’re seeing more Resident Evil remakes continue in the development studio. This is purely a rumor at the moment, but if it turns out to be true we’ve seen a remake release of Resident Evil 4, a great hit in the franchise and a few mechanical one installments from the series that changed the landscape before one installment.

Of course, there is some interest in what Shinji Mikami thinks about this rumor. If you are not familiar with the name, the developer has been with Capcom for several years and has published several video game titles, including the director behind Resident Evil 4. As a result, the director had an idea for a possible remake when he spoke to IGN.

According to Shinji Mikami, he is quite well with the remake of the Capcom game, although he does not know now that he is with Tango Gameworks now. Still, Shinji is playing for new developers just to make sure they’ve done it well.

The last two remakes of Resident Evil came out, it looks like the remake of Resident Evil 4 will be in good hands. Of course, we will have that big question and we are sure that if there is any change in the line of the story it will be with the other fans of the installment. Reconstructions of the past cut out certain content as well as expand the pieces of the story.

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Source: IGN

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