Great addition to the old Renault Megan RS coupe high-color palette

The current generation Renault Megan RS is not available as three doors with some warm-hearted fans looking at sports-beauty fans in the rabbit market.

If you want a complete cure for the three-door Megan RS Blizzard, you may have something for JMS Germany. Tarot expert Megan RS has decided to take a look at the older generation and refresh it with a few more luxurious footprints.

The static-vector-full body wrapper you probably see in this custom Megan RS coupe. This is because the tape applied for the thin body has a great design and it changes color depending on the presence of light.

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Another major upgrade is the Project 3.0 set of custom alloys from the Barracuda Racing Wheels Ultralight series. This multi-storey high-resolution black-painted, 8.5 × 19-inch wide, and fitted with 225/35 ZR19 high-performance tires. Wheelchairs (sticker-wicker) and Red Barracuda racing bulls are truly unique with expertly designed wheels.

JMS has created a custom flash to ensure that the wheels fit perfectly into the hole and do not throw dirt into the driver’s window. Compared to regular cars, this KWT will lose lower-case costs.

No police force has made any improvements, and it could be better for the past because it’s a 275-ton RPG. The 2.0-liter Turbo-Four under board provides 275 PS (273 hp) and 360 Nm (266 lb-ft) for the front axle to achieve a performance that will fit in 2020. It takes up to 100 kmph (62) miles. ). 6.0 seconds and maximum speed 255 kilometers per hour (158 miles).

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