Grant applications are now open to nonprofits

The Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) Community Realtor Foundation promotes charitable and philanthropic activities to more than 5,500 realtors and community members in Calgary, supporting groups and nonprofits that focus on creating new housing options. , Keep people and improve the quality of housing. .

“Our new foundation structure is built on the foundation’s long legacy,” said Sharon Braxon, president of the CREB Realtor Community Foundation. “I’ve been thrilled to see this in my life and I’m especially proud to show the attitude of the real estate community at such a time.”

The Foundation has launched three new housing grant programs:

Legal subsidies, Makes substantial and progressive changes in communities in terms of organization funding flow, housing and shelter.

Community grants, Which supports projects that improve people’s opportunities to stay at home and in their communities and;

Conversion bag, Which responds to community infrastructural needs by helping to expand, renovate and / or repair existing spaces.

“By diversifying the foundation’s strategy, we can address community needs from different angles,” said Jason Yulele, CREB’s director of communications and communications and community investment. “So we think we can make the most impact and support our nonprofit partners Can “”

Grant applications are open and available from the CREB REALTOR Community Foundation until September 1, 2020 for eligible organizations supporting local and shelter-related initiatives.

Successful candidates will be notified on Wednesday 30th September, 2020.

Full application instructions are available at

Prospective candidates should be advised to read all information on funding requirements and criteria before entering the submission process to confirm their eligibility.

See for more information and the CREB Realtor Community Foundation information pack.

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