Governor Cooper has announced 194 194 million to improve water and sewerage systems

Rowley, NC. (WNCT) Governor Roy Cooper announced Thursday that he has 194 194 million in aid and grants for 54 drinking water and wastewater projects.

“Strong, flexible water infrastructure is needed to support the economic development of the North Carolina community,” said Governor Cooper. “These funds provide clean water, public health and water and wastewater improvements necessary for a brighter economic future.”

Funding for the project was approved on July 8 by the state water infrastructure authority.

The Authority is an independent body responsible for providing federal and state funding for water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

Other responsibilities include developing a state’s water infrastructure master plan, proposing ways to maximize availability and funding, and examining best and emerging practices.

Notable projects in the latest round of funding include:

  • Martin County Everest will receive 9 9,609,800 from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, including the original waiver for sewage rehabilitation, as part of its merger with Robersonville. The city previously received a merger / regionalization feasibility grant from the Department of Water Infrastructure and, through this current project, has moved closer to reality.
  • Drinking Water will receive $ 1.79 million through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for Rockham County Hogan’s Creek Water Booster Pump Station Relocation and Flood Protection Project. The project will remove a booster pumping station from the floodplain to reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Richmond County will receive মিল 2,097,000 in combined funding through a wastewater state reserve grant and loan, including a major amnesty for the rehabilitation of its sewage system, and a clean water state revolving fund loan.
  • Pender County’s Rocky Point Topsell Water and Sewer District will receive সহায়তা 20 million in additional supplementary allocations under the Dinner Water State Revolving Fund / Disaster Relief Act, 2019 for the development of its reverse osmosis water treatment plant and related facilities. The project will build a new water treatment plant on the hydraulically isolated eastward system and establish additional water lines to increase connectivity to other areas of the system.

A list of all state-funded projects by city and / or county is available here.

Grants and loans are provided through additional supplementary applications provided under the State Revolving Fund Loan Program, Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program, Wastewater State Reserve Program and Disaster Relief Act, 2019 (or ASADRA). The Asadra Fund provides for resilient-centric projects on Hurricanes Florence and Michael-affected drinking water facilities and wastewater treatment work.

The state has provided $ 17,560,800 in the required matching funds.

The following projects were funded by the Disaster Relief (DR) Department:

  • Dublin Bar Creek in Bleden County will receive লার 225,750 in state reserve loans and ডি 644,231 in DR funding, along with a $ 33,019 state reserve grant, to replace the CIO outphone.
  • TRENTON 2020 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Building relocation in Jones County will receive DR 995,000 in DR funding.
  • The Tabor City Gore Street pump station in Columbus County will provide 5 5,543,000 by fully funding the relocation and flood protection.

How to apply for funding:

The deadline for applications for the next step of funding for water and wastewater infrastructure projects is September 30.

The Department of Water Infrastructure will conduct a practical training session till July 29 for the applicants interested in applying for the fund on August 2. Training schedules and instructions for registering and practicing through Webex are available here.

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