Google’s Sergey Brin runs a rapid disaster relief group

Last year, Larry Page and Sergei Brin resigned from the alphabet. The co-founder of Google has always occupied himself with various side projects, there is a “quick response company” that provides humanitarian assistance around the world in a modern high-tech fashion.

The Daily Beast today chronicled the history of global support and development (GSD):

We are able to deploy a worldwide team in a matter of hours to make a clear distinction between emergency response where time is of the essence with a rapid response agency. We adopt our various skill sets and resources to fill the gaps in traditional disaster response by emphasizing that displaced and inaccessible populations may not otherwise receive assistance.

As the only donor to the charity, Sergei Brin is behind the disaster relief “resources”. For example, the team often takes advantage of his fast 80 million super-yacht – visible in the top image – to reach out to remote areas and spread humanitarian aid. When Hurricane Dorian hit the Abako Islands in 2018, GSD appeared “long before Bahamian government aid”.

  • In the process, GSD treated 900 people, performed another 800 trials and coordinated the removal of 300 emergency treatments.
  • In the first week after the storm, GSD directly assisted the safe landing of more than 1,100 civilian and military aircraft, providing life-saving supplies and evacuating thousands.
  • GSD’s specialized technical teams provided critical information for the Bahamian government and international responders, including daily satellite imagery showing the extent of the damage and the most affected areas, and creating detailed maps to effectively segment response areas.

Jeremy, another project for maps of Haiti, used drones to “identify areas most vulnerable to subsequent major hurricanes or flash floods and hurricanes.”

Formerly serving in the GSD-led military, including its former U.S. Navy lieutenant CEO, Brin had previously served. Daily Beast Summary:

GSD has grown rapidly since then. It now has about 20 full-time workers, most of whom have medical training, and another 100 contractors. Dawson noted that senior Special Forces personnel (comprising a quarter of GSD personnel) are very good at living unsupported, communicating and solving problems.

GSD’s website lists all “responses” from the past, including descriptions and images. The organization was officially established in late 2018 as a non-profit charity. Sergei Brin’s name is found in the documentation, but the alphabet board member has yet to formally acknowledge his role in the disaster relief agency.

  • Coronavirus Pandemic Response, USA 2020
  • Hurricane Dorian, Abacus Islands, Bahamas 2019
  • Camp Wildfire, California 2018
  • Efforts to recover Super-Typhoon Yutu in Saipan 2018
  • Volcano Removal Assistance, Vanuatu 2018
  • UAV Mapping Project, Jeremy, Haiti 2018
  • Hurricanes Irma and Maria Bahamas, Turkey and Kaikos 2017
  • Hurricane Matthew, Bahamas 2016
  • 7.8 Extended Earthquake, Ecuador 2016
  • Cyclone Palm, Vanuatu 2015

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