Google Store Strategies adds a ‘video’ page for how-tos

A few weeks ago, Google redesigned the product division for direct naming of the Pixel, Nest, Stadia and Pixelbook brands created by the first-party hardware store. The Google Store now has a “Videos” section so you can “get the most out of your device.”

The new video page in the Google Store can be accessed from any one of the four product categories. There are three sections to this “How to Videos” – product introduction, set up and install, tips and tricks – all of which lead to the same page.

Watch these videos to help you get started, learn about specific devices or features, or discover new tips and tricks.

You can filter by device type: phone, speaker and display, streaming, connectivity. Safety and security, cameras, thermostats, stadia, laptops and accessories. None of the videos featured here today are new.

The content is hosted on YouTube, and the full viewing page contains a grid of “your favorite products” displayed in the clip. Only currently sold items are shown under “Product Introduction” without any intr historical archive.

“Setup and Install” is primarily dedicated to WiFi from thermostats and protected Nest smart home devices. There are videos for Nest Hour and “How to Switch from Windows or Mac to Pixelbook”.

The last section, “Tips and Tricks,” includes pixel feature drops, pixel buds, nest speakers, and Chromecast. Overall, this page gives people a better end-to-end experience than they would expect to find on Google Pixel or Google Nest YouTube channels.

This site may be published untimely because the page title is “video_page_st.” Google is expected to release new devices later this year

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