/Google search, map will list the location of the COVID-19 vaccine

Google search, map will list the location of the COVID-19 vaccine

Google today announced several efforts to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States. CEO Sundar Pichai has announced জন্য 150 million in advertising grants, while various Google products will soon show local information.

Google search and maps will soon show the locations of the COVID-19 vaccine near you. This information will be collected from government agencies, retail pharmacies and other authorized sources.

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When you do a Google search, you’ll come across a “COVID-19 vaccine” panel – which has gained a reputation for recent visual design, including several categories, including distribution, protection and news. “Where to find it” will display a map and highlight locations. Search for “covid vaccine” and return a list similar to a location / city on the map.

This information will be broadcast live in the coming weeks with plans for more states and counties in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

In the meantime, investigations will soon reveal general information about how states and territories are distributing vaccines. It comes as the search for “vaccines to me” has increased 5x since the beginning of 2021.

Google and YouTube are also planning a “get factual information” initiative to “get public information about vaccines to the public.” In addition, Google is providing $ 100 million in advertising credits to the CDC Foundation, the World Health Organization and other nonprofits. Another $ 50 million to public health organizations. ” Will help reach out to low-income communities with vaccine-related content and information “toward

Google is already partnering with various local authorities and health providers to present its various U.S. offices as vaccination sites.

The COVID-19 epidemic has profoundly affected every community around the world. It inspires coordination on a significant scale between the public and private sectors and across international borders. We can’t slow down now. Providing vaccines to billions of people will not be easy but it is one of the most important problems to solve in our lifetime. Google will continue to support us as much as we can.

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