Google Nest Hub Alarm W / Sunrise, further modifies the settings

Nest Hub and Smart Display interface updates occur subtly in the background. Recently these have introduced a lighter theme and Twitter settings. Google is now rebuilding alarms at Nest Hubs with more on-device control and a “Sunrise” feature.

In addition to using voice commands, you can set alarms on Nest Hubs and other smart displays by swiping from the bottom of the screen and tapping the clock icon.

This screen has been rebuilt with a simple list of alarms as well as placement in side circles. In the bottom-left corner there is a prominent “Set alarm” button instead of a blue FAB. A “Default Alarm Settings” page lets you set a number of choices directly on the smart display, including alarm volume, tone, maximum alarm time, snooze length, and “snooze gesture” that can benefit ultrasound sensing for wave detection.

After specifying a time, you are now presented with a UI to determine if it repeats an LI. The options under “tone” range from “light” to “heavy”, with two options instead of three for all other categories. Each can be quickly sampled.

“Sunrise” is a big new feature today where “the screen will light up gently before your alarm.” Users can set the window (10 to 30 minutes) for this effect. When it comes to sharing the same name as Google Clock / Pixel Stand, the color shift doesn’t seem to be that prominent.

These alarm features appear to be running with Cast Firmware version 1.46.215072, which is not yet widely available. Towards our end, it is running a natural program appearing on a Nest Hub Max, but not a regular Nest Hub.

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