/Google is adding significantly more details to the map

Google is adding significantly more details to the map

Google Maps is truly a platform for business messaging and reviews from AR Navigation. The latest update today focuses on improving the visual quality of Google Maps and the details of the default level – especially for nature.

Original 8/18/20: The service today has three map types: default, satellite and terrain. Google is now using a “new color-mapping algorithmic technique” to translate its existing high-definition satellite imagery into a base map. Behind the scenes, Google focuses on natural features – arid, snow, forest and mountainous terrain – and computers to determine a color for it.

Exploring a place takes a look at your natural features – so you can easily distinguish tan, dry beaches and deserts from blue lakes, rivers, oceans and valleys. You can see at a glance what a place with plants is green and green, and even see if there are snow caps on the mountain tops.

For example, a densely covered forest will be dark green, but a “patched shrub area” has received a lighter shade. To view and fully appreciate, zoom out a position.

The process was applied to all 220 countries and territories – more than 100 million square kilometers of land, with Google being described as “the most comprehensive view of natural features in any large map application”.

In addition to the natural features, Google Maps will soon be adding “extremely detailed street information that shows the exact shape and width of the road on the scale.”

You can also see exactly where the sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian islands are. Wheel If you need accessibility such as wheelchair or stroller requirements, important information.

It will appear in “Upcoming Months” in London, New York and San Francisco and then expand to other cities.

Update 1/16/21: Google is circulating this more detailed map extensively. If you don’t see crosswalks and other grainy road directions, try switching to Google Accounts (via Android Police). In addition to the three cities announced at the launch, Central Tokyo is getting the same behavior in mobile and web applications.

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