Google Chrome is working as a clipboard manager for OS

One of the most useful features of Windows 10 for Android is the ability to temporarily save and manage the clipboard you recently copied. Now Google wants to bring a similar clipboard manager to Chrome OS by supporting text, images and much more.

In Windows 10, you can use the Windows + V Key Combo to pull up a list of things you’ve recently copied, which is especially effective for the time when you accidentally copied something that was meant to be on your clipboard. Android, like other operating systems, can only provide this capability through installed apps like Gboard, which has only recently gained support for saving copied images.

Google Chrome is preparing a built-in clipboard manager for the OS, including flags attached to Chrome: // flags, according to a recently posted code change. Judging from the description of the flag, it looks like it was inspired using a similar key combo from Windows 10’s own clipboard manager.

Enable Multipast

Pressing Search + V will bring up a menu that allows you to paste past previously copied items.


Originally the combo, Search + V, is not very surprising because Chrome OS uses many other useful ways such as Search + Left, Left for Home Key and Search + for Google Assistant such as Search Key. In this case, Slip + V was probably chosen similar to the CTRL + V combo for clipboard managers for pasting on most computers.

In the early stages of development, Chrome OS’s Clipboard Manager will systematically save your five recently updated copies of text, formatted text, images, web links in a bookmark format, and something called “Web Smart Paste”. “

Digging in to change the old code from the same developer we believe that the fitting codename “Toto” is being given to the clipboard director of Chrome OS. From this same code, we further believe that in addition to being easily opened with Search + V, there will be a dedicated button in the Quick Settings Tray of the “Tote” Chrome OS.

All in all, assuming that this new clipboard manager is actually launched and not canceled, it will make Chrome OSK one more great move to help Windows customize what it plans to support in parallel. For now, although the feature is still in the early stages of development, while we can expect to get our hands on this particular “Toto”, it’s also hard to guess.

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