Goodsimile company Sushima Figma is working on the ghost of the image; Sneak Peak Picture Details

The Goodsmile company was dropping out of the park late, and it looks like they’re going to keep up the pace as they announce a great new Figma image based on the latest PlayStation Exclusive – Ghost of Tushima.

The Figma image was announced earlier yesterday during an article on the PlayStation’s blog Ghost of Tushima Merchandise. But it looks amazing to share some peek-a-boo images of the upcoming image on Goodsmile company Twitter. Swords, masks and various hand gestures are some of the items featured with the figure

Check out the official tweet from Goodsmile below:

As I mentioned above, the latest title of the Sony Suchar Punch – Sushima is completely gone with Ghost, as they have announced a full merchandise line.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has detailed the line-up instead of merchandise for Ghost of Tushima. The line includes two POPs! Jean Sakai’s vinyl figures, a hoodie and sling bag, an art book from Dark Horse Comics and much more. Learn more about the whole Ghost of Sushima Merchandise Line!

Ghosh of Sushimar is currently available for PS4. Are you still into Sushima’s world? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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