Golden Knights forwards will be wiped out as they feel ‘urgent’

Edmonton – One thing is to fix what is broken

It’s totally different for the Vegas Golden Knights, who are winning every statistic section of this Western Conference final, the most important thing is to fix an influential game that does everything without a score.

“We have to be patient, we have to hold the game, we have to get shots in the net, we have to create chances, we have to try to get in front of the goal, we have to find these returns,” listed defender Alec Martinez, and the only Vegas scorer on the night when The whole forward ranks failed to dry up with a 2-1 draw.

“You can’t try to do something extraordinary. Everyone has to try and do their own thing. ”

At the moment, the word “extraordinary” forgets the Dallas Stars goalkeeper Anton Khudobin, who stopped a 32-shot win in Game 4 and kept a distance from one of his stars’ victories, spreading the past since the def 2000 Stanley Cup final.

As good as Khudobin has been, the defense of the star team has been better or better. On Saturday, the Golden Knights trailed 2-1 and narrowed the deficit to a 3-1 series, with Vegas not finding a goal shot in the final 3:51.

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“The way the boys are fighting, the way they’re blocking the shots,” Khudobin, known as “Anton Khudini,” began in a voice on Twitter on Saturday. “They have wounds and they have obstacles and they leave their bodies to block the shots.” Even if they can’t, they’re still trying and I’m sure they’re working their ass off to make sure. If I don’t, they can be blocked and survive and not score, which is an incredible team effort I would say. ”

It is because of this national acclaim that the 34-year-old has established himself as one of the most universally chosen teammates in the game today.

What about his own game, Khudobin started all except these two star play-off games?

“I just tried to find the puppy and react to it,” he shrugged. “I don’t know if it’s fate or whatever. Let’s call it fate.”

That’s true: Dallas was almost lucky in this series. Like a tied goal, it came just four minutes after Vegas scored in Period 2.

“I think they halved the game with their seventh shot,” said Vegas head coach Peter Deborah. “Their best player Joe Pavelsky takes a backhand, it rolls the shaft of our stick and goes over the shoulder of our goalkeeper. We didn’t get any of them. We have to stick it with us until we do.”

In fact, Vegas owns the series, ahead of Corsi (53.9%), Fenwick (57.01%), Shots (54.55), but not the chances to score (46.38%), according to the natural stat trick. If it had been the best of the 11, the Golden Knights would have been relieved by the fact that all those rights would eventually be translated into goals and wins.

But it’s the top-seven and the favorites are below 3-1. Something needs to change, and quickly, or the Vegas Edmonton lock-up will leave bubbles without showing anything for seven weeks.

Riley Smith took just one shot of the goal at 19:56 on ice, “Right now we have the feeling of an emergency series, where we are in the series. “We have to be positive. The more you descend on yourself, the more you kind of push yourself in the opposite direction. The goals are going to be in tough areas, we know. We just have to find the twist. Do a better job of making room for each other, clearing space in front of their nets.

“It looks like the duck is growing in every way but in their net. We need to find ways to change that. ”

A team from Vegas that recently played four games without a single forward but saw an empty net goal saw Martinez score their only goal in Game 4.

“As a forward group, we can’t rely on our defense to score every goal for us every single night,” Smith said.

Right now, Dallas owns net fronts on both ends of the rink. They have been defending like the second stinger team in the National Hockey League this regular season, and when they get a shot, Khudobin is reminiscent of another small block a few years ago.

Suddenly Khudini, like the great Latvian artist Irbe, is “like a wall.”

“She is OK. He was there before the shot came a lot of times, “Deborah allowed.” It’s perseverance. No need to take any magic pills. It makes it as hard for us as possible, making sure the right guys for us sneeze and have the confidence to shoot him here.

“I think there is effort. We’re making a lot of good looks. We’ve gotten better defensively, ”he said.“ It’s a long way from the other side.

“We’re going to be a tough out.”

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