God of War: Ragnarok teaser trailer released

Like everyone else in the video game industry right now, Sony has held a streaming event to promote several upcoming video games and hardware announcements. The stream was just over an hour long and provided gamers with a ton of exciting releases and information about the PlayStation 5. . Nonetheless, those who are interested in the video game software coming out will have a small teaser about the battle of the gods.

Don’t get too excited that there wasn’t much to publish content. The teaser really only showed a small symbol talking to Kratos in the background. Overall, this is a warning coming from Ragnarok and we need to prepare for enough of this war. Fortunately, this is not a battle that is going to start at the last minute of 2021. That means we are forced to get some more information about the battle of God in the near future: Ragnarok.

Other than that we don’t know much more about this game. This is certainly a surprise for fans who like the franchise, but God of War: Ragnarok is evolving with a release set in 2021, with Sony and Santa Monica studios locking their data. In the meantime, you can watch the teaser trailer for God of War: Ragnarok video in the embedded video above with the entire PlayStation 5 streaming event below

Source: PlayStation

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