Gloria Steinme’s Meghan Merkel bracelet has a special message

Meghan Merkel received a special gift from Gloria Steinme when she sat down to “backyard chat” for pair maker women.

For the occasion, the 39-year-old Duchess, 86, wore a junk bracelet designed by the 86-year-old feminist legend, which read, “Imagine we are connected, not ranked,” referring to the importance of women rather than supporting each other. Competing against each other.

“I love it,” Merkel said during the interview.

“Well, you actually know that ‘we’re not connected to rankings’ – the shortest way I can find out what our goal is,” Steinme responded.

The Duchess replied, “It makes sense to me at every level; We are not ranked. “

The jewelry will also be discontinued after the Steinme-designed bracelet is currently sold in both Merkel’s Black and Silver colors as well as a red option. The bracelets cost 48 48, all earnings benefiting

Gloria Steinem presented this bracelet to Meghan Markle, which reads, “Imagine that we are connected, there is no space.” Maiden Nation

Merkel – who discussed voter repression, the need for representation, and Prince Harry’s feminist ideals during a chat with Steinme – completed her California-cool outfit with a simple white T-shirt, striped Annie Bing pants (250 250), black Stella McCartney sandals. (Ess 795) and a straw sun hat by Janessa Leon ($ 356).

Duchess symbolic jewelry is rarely sported.

During a charity video call she recently wore a bad eyelash and her diamond forever ring from Prince Harry shows their son Archie as well as both of their birthplaces. Before marrying the 35-year-old Harry, she even wore a gold necklace with the initials “H” and “M” which are alleged to have gotten into trouble with the help of the palace.


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