Ginger Dugar and Jeremy Volo spend time away from home

Ginger Dugar and Jeremy Volo are on vacation. Peak Credit: TLC

Ginger Dugar and Jeremy Volo didn’t go to Arkansas for Christmas, but it looks like they’re taking a mini-holiday before the new year.

Over the past few days, both Counting On Stars have shared photos of an ice-covered surroundings and a non-residential residence.

Without making sure where the couple is, it looks like Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead, not too far from their home in Los Angeles.

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Why didn’t the couple go on vacation and vacation to Arkansas?

Ginger Dugar and Jeremy Volo were expected to return to Arkansas on vacation after the birth of their second child.

They met Michelle Duggar when they welcomed Evangeline Joe in November, but the rest of the family still couldn’t meet their new child.

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Now, Ginger and Jeremy seem to be vacationing with friends. A few photos shared by the couple have a small dog and followers ask if it is their pet.

Ginger responded that it was a friend’s dog, which meant they were with others wherever they were.

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Muscleless around others

This is not the first time Jeremy Volo has surrounded another without a mask. Shortly after welcoming her second child with Ginger Duggar and attending a packed church service without a mask, she caught fire.

The Dugers weren’t too worried about their events. From the Dougar Girls Christmas Party to the big family events, the people of different households could not be seen without masks.

Ginger and Jeremy both seem to be having a pretty good time wherever they are. Playing on the show, taking Felicity for a walk in the wonderful country of winter and smuggling with Evelyn. They chose to shrink with friends and their duration at the snow-covered destination remained unknown, looking like a few days of relaxation was needed.

There have been horrific incidents where couples have ruled out the possibility of moving away from the show, but recently, the birth of Ginger with her second daughter has been publicized. For now, it looks like the couple is going to be filming at least next season.

Currently, they are enjoying their snow covered paradise and using it whenever they can.

Counting on is currently on break.

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