Ghost of Susiemar Trust’s full list release; Platinum trophies usually seem easy for hunters

The latest headline in Suck Punch, Ghost of Tushima is set to release this weekend and with the long wait almost over, gamers are itching to get their hands on the game. The developers have released a ton of great trailers in the last few days and the proud review of the game’s epic isn’t helping to relieve the pain.

Today, the website and trophy enthusiast – PowerPex, has received a complete list of trophies for the upcoming game. If you are a trophy hunter like yourself, it will be very exciting! The list of trophies seems to have blocked any major spoilers, so it’s clear to test for yourself. PlayStation exclusive titles for Platinum are usually the best and Ghost of Tushimar seems to be a game that will have a higher platinum percentage!

See the full list of trophies for Ghost of Sushima below:

  • Living Legends: Get All Trophies – Platinum
  • Hidden Story Trophy (1) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (2) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (3) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (4) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (5) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (6) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (7) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (8) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (9) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (10) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (11) – Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (12) – Bronze
  • Warrior Monk: Complete all Norwegian stories – silver
  • The Wingful Warrior: All Masako Stories – Complete Silver
  • Receiver Archer: Complete all the stories of Ish Shikawar – Silver
  • The Headstrong Thief: Complete all of Una’s stories – Silver
  • Storyteller: Complete all myths – Silver
  • Helping the Sword Hand: Complete all of Sushima’s stories – Gold
  • Steel Flash: Perfect Paris – Defeat 20 enemies in a counter-attack after bronze
  • Witness protection: Shoot the terrified enemy with an arrow while fleeing – Bronze
  • Wrist All: Single Standoff – Defeat the most enemies in bronze
  • Open to business: 50 times successfully trapping enemies – bronze
  • There can be only one: each double – successfully complete bronze
  • There’s a beautiful fall: an enemy falls with a gentle push with autumn damage – Silver
  • Hunting Accuracy: Ghost Stance Strike – Kill 20 enemies with bronze
  • Ghost of Legend: Create your legend to win the title of Ghost of Tushima – Bronze
  • Quick study: Learn rock, water, wind and moon battle positions – bronze
  • Every technique in the book: Learn all the throwable ghost weapon techniques – Bronze
  • Perfect Storm Completely up your sword – bronze
  • A charming man: Decorate a charm in all 6 slots – bronze
  • Gifts: Collect 10 Gifts – Bronze
  • Assassination: Get 30 pieces of vanity gear – bronze
  • Illuminate the path: Susima – Re-awaken all the bronze lighthouses
  • Thief’s Den: Umugi Cove – Discover Bronze
  • On behalf of Kamir: Susima – Bronze Shinto Find and respect all the temples
  • Respect the unseen: Susima – bow down to 10 hidden altars across the bronze
  • Lost and Found: Discover a Pillar of Honor and collect its Sword Kit – Bronze
  • Monochrome Masters: Black and White Die Merchants – Buy an Item from Bronze
  • Cooper Clan Cosplayer: Decorate as Legendary Thief – Silver
  • Fall Fraud Time: Play “Storm Lament” at a friend’s grave – Bronze
  • A Moment of Time: Personalize a Scene in Photo Mode – Bronze
  • Target Reader: Collect 20 Records – Bronze
  • Know Your Enemy: Collect 20 Mongol Artifacts – Bronze
  • Body, Mind and Soul: Complete All Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Temple and Bamboo Strike – Silver
  • People’s Hero: Izuhra – Free the 12 occupied bronze territories
  • Fight for the Island: Izuhar – Free all occupied Bronze Territories
  • Happy Arousal: Free 8 Occupied Territories in Toyota – Bronze
  • Sanctuary Protected: Toyota – Free all occupied areas of bronze
  • Mass Eviction: Kamiagata – Free 7 Occupied Bronze Territories
  • A New Safe Haven: Kamiagata – Free All Occupied Bronze Territories
  • Master Liberator: Completely release Susima Island – Silver

In related news, reviews for Ghost of Sushima have been published and it looks like Sony has got another great title in their hands!

When it comes to sushi when the sushi punch manages to fall from the side, reviews say that the game’s combat system is great, the side’s exploratory rival is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and there’s a pretty wide world to explore. If you want to check out the full review roundup on Ghost of Sushima, click here!

Ghost of Sushimar is set to release on PlayStation 4 on July 17th. Are you excited for the upcoming exclusive title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PowerPex

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