Ghost of Sushimar: The best strategy and ghost weapons you need to unlock first Stealth Capability Guide

Once you start exploring the beautifully detailed (and expansive) open world of Ghost of Tushima, you’ll be given plenty of choices with those upgrade points. You can unlock a lot of different things in the Technology tab – Samurai skills, stand attacks, ghost weapons and advanced tactics. Ghost weapons and evolving techniques are what we’re talking about here, and those abilities are all about maintaining stealth.

Stealth in Ghost of Sushima is incredibly strong – stealthing bases are important because you can achieve Double point towards new position. Observing a Mongol leader, then defeating them will earn you two points and unlock positions very quickly. If you raise an alarm and avoid observing a Mongol leader without knowing it, you will gain two points towards your next position.

And the locations are really important – the final position makes the brute easier. It’s a relief to finally get these tough guys down.

Sushima’s More Ghost Guide:

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The best ghost weapon to get the best:

Air harmony: Best paired with Chain killings. With the help of wind chime you will be able to snatch any base of the game. There are two types of wind chimes – standard and fire crackers that draw more enemies. You can switch between two types of gadgets, then easily remove enemies, or combine several enemies for chain killing.

Sticky bombs: A killer weapon well integrated with Typhoon Kick. Use this ugly ghost weapon as a battle finisher. Send flying enemies, and wake them up with arrows and a sticky bomb blast.

Kunai: Amazing to take pigs and other wildlife. Use them easily to hunt and kill enemies in close range battles, then you can sell hideouts.

Best developed strategies for being the best:

Chain killings: As I said above, using the incredibly powerful and stealth in Ghost of Tushima can help you unlock your new location more quickly by observing unaltered Mongol leaders.

Concentration: This archery skill gives you a short window where time slows down, allowing you to pick up enemies with the help of a bow. This is incredibly effective in many situations – you can take out a few annoying enemies, or kill the Mongols you find while you are in hiding.

There will be iron: At the beginning of the game, it’s pretty easy to let yourself be killed. You’re still learning the ropes, so it’s bound to happen! If you’re looking for a second chance, unlock the Iron Will quickly – when you fall down, you can recover yourself with two reliever charges.

The instinct of the murderer: The strongest stealth power of all time is the end under the focused hearing tree. This skill can be seen by producing a flashing aura on enemies. It lets you know when it’s safe to use murder.

There are many useful ghost weapons and tactics but the first ones I get are these depending on your play style you can choose Black Powder Bombs, or you can enjoy the deadly fun of Stand of Strike.

You will eventually be able to unlock everything in the game but this starting skill will help you the most in the initial game.

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