Ghost of Sushima: Don’t miss these two attitudes in the first place Re and double supply

Some interesting things items from Zoos of Tushima – these little icons upgrade your character and you can unlock more slots by discovering fox denes. The two best attractions you can find are found on the first island but these are quite complicated to identify.

These two attentions give you huge bonuses that are worthwhile for the rest of the game; One replenishes health in battle and the other gives you double the supply / crafting items from each pick-up. It basically means double and double items to upgrade your gear. This is very effective, so below we have identified the locations on the map for your easy search.

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How to get the charm of resin health

The first shrine gives you a charm Constant regenerative health applies That way when you’re not fighting, you’ll always be at 100% in fights and your solution won’t have to be wasted.

Mending Rock Shrine: The shrine is located just north-east of the island, labeled ‘Isonade Coast’ on the map.

To reach the island you have to follow the very treacherous mountains. Find the road to the coast on your map and look at the island – you will see a long bridge over it. To get to the bridge, start off the dirt road and follow the winding mountain path. It is a long trek and you have to climb up, down and above the cliffs to finally reach the shrine.

To reach this shrine, you must unlock it The charm of Okuninushi. By equipping this, you will slowly restore health outside of combat.

How to get dual supply / crafting item charm

The second shrine enchants you and rewards you Supply doubling and item drop crafting. This is an A The long hill in the middle of Archer’s rise And Sakimori overlook In Ajmo Prefecture.

This charm is called Inari’s charm, And much easier to spot on the map. Starting from the rise of Archer, you will see this temple on the top of a mountain to the south-east. Get to the top, you can’t miss it!

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