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Magic: Gather They recently banned and banned their new cards for a variety of and policy changes. In total, only two cards are prohibited: the symbolic representation of the deception and the call to the object have been standardized to standard form in historical form. These cards are tough, so it doesn’t surprise me. You can find the full list of restrictions on the official site.

Waiting for the game on these cards is not the only game change. MTG has decided to amend the membership rules. The team shows where they have a higher winning rate than their peers and they want to work to make sure things don’t end there. Therefore, they have updated the following rules:

Once in a game, when you can practice magic (in your head when the hole is empty), you can give 3 generics but keep a friend from the board next to you in your hand. This is a special job, not the right to work. It happens instantly and cannot be answered. Cards like Ferexian Revoker cannot be read or stopped.

All of these changes have no effect on the visual game and will take effect MTG Arena June 4th. Magic The current bans and union rules are due to expire on June 3.

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