George Timothy’s journey from Schalke to heart surgery

While the exuberant sound of the Bundesliga debut was still lingering through Timothy, the valve inside his heart was slowly deteriorating. His biceps aortic valve has been working with only two people since birth, using three leaflets to control blood flow.

This meant that her heart rate was reduced due to blood flow but it was never considered a risk for her career. Even ECG tests did not prevent Schalke from keeping him away from ambiguity in 2018.

I could die on the pitch. I could have died walking down the stairs to my apartment.

George Timothy

Schalak’s coaches had little reason to think there was anything wrong with Timothy. Early on, he had already started center-back for their Under-23 team. In seven rounds, he was promoted to training with the senior squad.

“I was there for two months and I was the first [under-23] Players train with the first team. “It wasn’t because of an injury to someone else but because I was playing very well with the stocks,” Timothy said.

No need to wait for traffic alongside Algerian star Nabil Bentaleb or German international Sebastian Rudy, to recognize this bay at length. The first-team team park scene made it clear.

“There are G-Wagons, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, BMWs – every car you can imagine. I parked the old Peugeot next to these super cars. “

Canberra’s George Timothy plays Schalke 04 in Russia’s Zenit Arena. Credit: Submitted.

The field of training was more egalitarian. With the support of coach Domenico Tedesco and then Hub Stevens, Timothy entered the bench for five games. He could have satisfied a sixth in the final game of the season but Stevens thought he was ready for the Bundesliga.

“On the morning of the game, the coach and manager came up to me, put my arm around me and said, ‘Son, you’re starting.’ I was shocked, ”he said.

Playing Stuttgart, he was ordered to identify Gomez in front of Valentins’ entire home. The biggest reality check in the game came in five minutes.

“She is OK [Gomez] He grabbed me and fell backwards and put his foot on my toe. He turned and looked at me and said: ‘Good luck for this’. “My toes were killing me,” Timothy said. “I played my Bundesliga debut and broke my toe for 85 minutes.”

His off-season was spent nursing a broken finger but the pain did not stop Gomez from contenting himself with a 0-0 draw. Accepting his new status, Timothy moved to Schalke in July last year for Belgian club J্টlte-Waregam in search of regular play time, and passed an EC and echocardiogram.

George playing for Timothy Schalke C Credit: Submitted.

While he was still struggling to find time in the game, he sought a mid-season loan from A-League club Western United last January, but traditional medical tests have spread him around the world.

Within minutes, he began preparations for the A-League debut in anticipation of a forced retirement.

“It was the day before the game, I trained in the morning and I started the journey against the Central Coast. I was 90 percent ready to play and then I was told I had to stop playing forever, “he said.” It was a huge shock. I knew about this pre-existing heart condition but didn’t know it was so serious.

Tests in Melbourne have shown that its dorsal aortic valve no longer regulates blood flow properly and can cause any type of fitness heart attack.

“The first instinct was sorrow, then anger, relief and happiness that they got it. If I had been in Belgium I could have died on the pitch. I could have climbed the stairs to my apartment and died, ”said Timothy.

“My heart was not in a good place and I would not have had any other treatment in Belgium for at least another six months.”

He wanted five opinions on “surgeon, specialist, cardiologist – anyone”. She finally decided on an option that could save her and her career: heart surgery.

Fitter than before: George Timothy has recovered from heart surgery. Credit: Olter Peters

“I chose the cow valve because it was the least aggressive, they didn’t have to break any bones, it was the shortest recovery time but it had a good effect in the long run,” he said.

The surgery went well in March but complications occurred a week later. Timothy said, “I had pain in my back, in my arms, in my biceps.

Symptoms of a heart attack are rushed to the emergency ward. A fluid-forming structure was formed around the wall of his heart.

“They put a drain inside me that would stay for three or four days and it was with my worst pain,” he said.

Despite this push, the operation was a success. Tests a fortnight ago showed that his heart was simply not working well in a skill he had never had before.

“I’m fitter now than I was then,” he said. “My specialist told me in a heartbeat that three-quarters of a tank had undergone surgery. Now that I have the full potential and I am ready to take it to the next level, he said that I have no limit to what I can do. ”


After coming to the Bundesliga despite his reduced blood flow, Timothy, now brave enough to dream of greater heights, now works his heart to the fullest.

“Real Madrid?” He asked.

Timothy, who is still under contract in Belgium, is mapping back to the field. In the very short term, she is concentrating on the arrival of her first son in September. There was a time when Timothy was not sure if he would ever see her again.

“It’s been such a blessing through all of this because it’s that extra inspiration,” he said. “What better inspiration than to give your child a better life.”

Dominic Bassey is a football reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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