Gary Anderson’s First Action Bureau starred Sacha Dhawan and many more

Gendi Anderson became a TV icon as the creator of more than a dozen hit series, including Thunderbirds, Stingray and Space: Now, a new series from Anderson Entertainment, with a modern twist, seeks to reclaim all that fans have liked about classic shows.

First Action Bureau – Yes, Summary F.A.B. – This is a new audio drama podcast that will be released for free, with the first series of 10 weekly episodes on October 1st.

The series will feature Sacha Dhawan (Dr. Hu), Nicola Walker (Unforgotten), Genevieve Gaunt (Harry Potter) and Patterson Joseph (Knots + Cross), as well as several Anderson alumni, including New, all Captain Scarlett’s Wayne Forrester and Space .

The podcast was created and produced in full lockdown by Jamie Anderson, son of Gary Anderson, head of Anderson Entertainment, and Nicholas Briggs, best known since 2005 as the voice of Dr. Who Dalix.

“The First Action Bureau is something different from Gary Anderson’s world,” Jamie said. “Underfans will recognize some elements of the other Jerry Anderson series, Thunderbirds, UFOs, Space: 1999 and Joe 900. But it starts in a new direction – something contemporary and exciting – starting with the characters, themes and the story we’re on our way to ‘structuring and delivering this story – as a free podcast to fans around the world – so there’s no barrier to entry.’

Co-creator and director Nicholas Briggs added: “Having been a fan of Gary Anderson’s shows since childhood, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with Jerry in this new chapter in the world of Gary Anderson. We had a great time creating the First Action Bureau and hopefully It will be interesting for both end-fans, audio drama fans and podcast lovers. “

Nick Briggs and Jamie Anderson in the studio

In the new series, First Action Bureau is present to protect the Earth – Near-Utopian by 206 – protect decades from criminal elements before they get a chance to act Able to give.

Nero Jones is the bureau’s best agent. But something strange is going on. Headaches and bizarre dreams are bothering this deadly assassin, and his missions continue to become increasingly clear that not everything is right … not just with him, but the bureau itself. But where is the end of lies? And where does the truth begin?

Listen to the First Action Bureau trailer below. Bureau-trailer-final.mp3

First Action Bureau Introduces Gary Anderson Fans – Marvel will probably launch something even more exciting for the dawn of a universe connected to the style of the Cinematic Universe mark

F.A.B. As Jamie Anderson explains, the upcoming Puppet-led series will share anecdotal reboots of Jerry Anderson’s Firestorm and the 1980s series Terrahaks as well as a planned animated reboot. “The last 12 months or so have been a very exciting time for us at Anderson Entertainment. We’ve been further developing our slate and now we’ve created a complete ‘underworld’: a Marvel-style Gary Anderson universe.

“The previously announced Terrahax Reboot, Gary Anderson’s Firestorm and First Action Bureau now exist in the same universe with an intertwined and connected storyline and character arc. COVID Lockdown has given us more time to develop and connect these projects, and I’m excited to see the potential of this new ‘underwear’.

“We’ve already had conversations with a number of potential high-profile partners and I’m sure with the right partners we can combine the British version of a Marvel universe, built around Dad’s incredible legacy.”

The first Action Bureau will be available through all major podcast platforms, with the first three 10-minute episodes launching in early October.

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