/Gaping Moo of BMW 2021 Series 421 will not be spread to other vehicles

Gaping Moo of BMW 2021 Series 421 will not be spread to other vehicles

Photo: BMW

If you keep refreshing the next gaping look of the 2022 BMW M4, you can sigh knowing that the company’s design team won’t force it on other cars.

Last week, BMW officially unveiled the new BMW 2021 Series 4, the first in decades to extend the Renal Grill signature vertically, instead of BMW. In the right color and in the right mirror, the new grill works in the context of the brand’s history. It is, however, objectively controversial, and a dirty thread of leaked photos of the BMW M4.

Photo: BMW

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But if you’re worried that the new 4 Series Grill marks the back of all other BMW designs, no need to worry. However, this is only a continuation of the tendency to turn a BMW series model into something controversial and experimental.

At least that’s what BMW’s chief design officer, Domagoj Duque, said in an interview via Autoblog:

In a huge way, he explained that with the wide line of BMW cars, the brand wants to start each model separately, giving it a unique identity. As such, the design team has confirmed that the 4 Series is not just a smaller version of the 8 Series or a larger version of the 2 Series. It further mentioned that customers do not want a different size of A. Style. The 4 series is particularly daring, part of which relates to a design decision that coupe models and even numbers are more distinct and distinct than the awesome sedan and crossover models. The downside is that the 4 Series concept won’t disappear altogether and there will be more concept models in the future, including popular models like the 3 Series sedans.

Although the first generations of numbered BMW models made serious efforts to expand BMW’s traditional thematic line and language of design into smaller markets, the latest versions seem to have attracted attention to the skill with which they stimulated controversy.

Photo: BMW

It started with Chris Bungalow. Series “. “Gran Turismo” is the irrational name for Series 3 and 5 Series drivers. This is followed by 4 Series and 6 Series “Grand Coupes”, four-door models often fit (but not exclusive!) Door models. Just a mass.

Then there was the European 2 Series Active Tour wheelchair track, then the latest generation of first-class biased wheelchair motors in the United States looking like a 10-year-old Kier. I’m not even talking about all numbered crossover coupes.

Photo: BMW

The biggest change came in the iconic M3 coupe, which has now been changed to the 4 series, including the two-door version of the M4, 3 series name. So there are many instances of BMW that makes their numbered cars do weird things without ruining everything

While it’s good news that we haven’t seen anything more than that M4 face for a while, the clearest information from that interview is why the change has been made.

Photo: BMW

Duke claims that the new design is dramatic only to try and attract buyers to the Chinese market, as many have said, since the market currently accounts for 10 percent of Series 4 sales. Duke noted that, rather frankly, BMW wants an attractive model in all markets.

Instead, the designer doubles as trying to try something new while playing with the past. Don’t forgive me for removing unnecessary Hofmister type from the profile though.

Photo: BMW (TagSo Translate) 2021 BMW 4 Series