Gaineth Paltrow’s daughter surprised at 16th birthday photo

Gonith Paltrow likes her fans who rarely surprised their daughter Apple Martin on social media and shared their photos with her ex-husband Chris Martin to wish her ex-boyfriend a happy 16th birthday.

“I can’t really believe I wrote these words, but happy sixteen lovers,” Paltrow, 47, began on his mini-Instagram.

“You are the light of my heart, you are pure joy,” he said. “You’re bad-witted and you have the best, dry, bright intellectual ideas in you. I have the best time to be a mother. I really like our night conversation when I hear whatever comes to mind.”

“You work hard to get what you want. I am very lucky to be a mother, you are a beautiful, kind young woman. Thank you for choosing me. I’ll give you back a million times a month. I’m sorry it was your birthday in this situation, but as always, you find the best in everything. “

Paltrow and Martin are also sharing their 14-year-old son Moses.

Recently, Apple jokingly found its GOOP founder for some unique items in the Paltrow Store and wrote his comments on his mom’s isolated list.

“Prepare more vaginal eggs and suppositories,” she wrote.

Gop Z and Rose Quartz have been approved, as a popular and incorrectly egg-sized product that can balance hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle, and increase bladder control when it enters the vagina. Less harmful was a $ 75 viral candle that is easily known as “it smells in my vagina”.

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