/Frozen 2 Easter Eggs and Fun Facts | Disney Plus

Frozen 2 Easter Eggs and Fun Facts | Disney Plus

The good news, Disney fans (and parents of young children) – the smash-hit sequel Frozen 2 on Demand is coming sooner than expected, with the Disney animated blockbuster Disney + and Sky movie premieres from July 3rd and now coming to TV.

Obviously, now it’s time to get ready for a big rewatch – but before you do that we’ve put together a few hidden details, Easter eggs and callbacks, which we’ve seen in the picture, in action, gently squirmed by the production team in the song Olaf Sheninigans. .

You have to keep an eye on the bet to see all these Easter eggs for the first time, but why not get ready for the round two? See our full list of secret tricks, references and more at Frozen 2 below.

Elsa created the Disney figure

Take a closer look during the flashback scenes at the beginning of the film and you can see some of the Disney creations in the Ice Doll that Elsa created for her and Anna to play.

We’ve identified Dumbo, Big Hero 6, Benmax, Snow White and his Prince, as well as Cainin Hero Bolt – but do you see anyone else? Apparently, Elsa is making good use of her Disney + account …

Prince Charming / Art Director

The frozen 2 teams confirmed another smooth Easter egg in the scene. Director Chris Buck said RadioTimes.com: “Anna highlights two personalities and it’s Prince Charming and a princess. Yuvraj is based on the charming art director Michael Guillaume.

It’s not just a place to pop up.

Hidden (wooden) figures

One more hidden behind the scene details here. Spot two small wooden pictures in the background? Director Chris Buck told RadioTimes.com in our Live Frozen 2 Q&A that they have closely modeled production designer Michael Giaimmo and environmental art director David Woomersley, which showcase some of the talent behind the movie.

David O’Malley and Michael Giaimmo (Getty)

While this may still haunt us, there are some production crews who are really hiding around other animated films that we have never noticed.

Olaf’s blanket

Of course, Frozen is full of original Frozen callbacks. It’s a sequel, above all – but some subtler than others.

Some things never change during Olaf’s (Josh Gad’s) song, fans can recognize the checked picnic blanket Olaf and Anna are sitting in her presence in another Olaf number from Himshital (Summer, title fans), while unknowingly expecting a snowy summer Day

Luli is an important night

When we see the sisters singing all the lorry songs by their mother you can notice that they both wore the same clothes as the kids in the first movie.

After Anna whispers to play with Snow in the snow it means it’s the first movie night so after this scene, the opening scene of the first movie happens.

Mickey Mouse

Later, Olaf explicitly mentions the parade company Disney as a reference during the game on the sheets, when he transforms into a corporate mascot (and favorite cartoon character) Mickey Mouse as one of his sources. Personally, we’d love to take her to Elsa …

Olaf Chreds

Olaf also varies from a spoon and a cup – from Beauty and the Beast. Of course, Josh Gad also starred in Live Action Beauty and The Beast movie.

A hidden Mickey

Disney is known for snatching so-called “hidden Mickey” from its products – in other words, a subtle hint of the three-round Mickey Mouse logo used in branding – and this trend is actually Frozen is no exception.

Watch closely when Elsa sings inadvertently – when she turns the ice circle in her wake, the two circles will briefly appear at the top of the circle and form the well-known shape. Mickey doesn’t hide anymore!

Little mermaid

The Little Mermaid, Getty

Frozen 2 sadly dismisses a fan theory about the Little Mermaid’s direct connection (no, that movie ship wasn’t carrying Anna and Elsa’s parents), it also slightly agrees with other famous Disney works.

In one of the Elser Isis flashbacks, his father King is seen enjoying a book by a “new Danish writer” and – if you look closely, it is Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid.

But there is a deeper connection here, one of Hans Christian Anderson’s other well-known works, such as Snow Queen, was the original Frozen inspiration. Apparently, Disney even took some inspiration from the author for the names of the characters in the first film, Hans, Christoph, Anna and Soven.

God knows what Anna and Elsa thought when they picked up their father’s other books …

Marshmallow and Snow Baby

The resurrection of Elsa’s other snowman creation isn’t exactly an Easter egg – you want to forget her presence in the first picture – but when she meets her younger cousin Frozen (made in the short film Frozen Fever) a subtle detail between 2’s post-credits scenes There are things you may not have noticed.

Above his head, there is a small crown – and fans realize that the crown was dropped on Elsa in the first frozen state, which we’ve seen Marshmallow rise to in the film’s post-credit scene before. Love the Disney series!

Anna as Elsa

Speaking of young Elsa, voice actor Idina Menzel brought a child version of the character – Mattia Comforti – as an Easter egg.

Earlier, Confort played the young version of Anna in the icy Broadway freeze music, giving her a fairly unique crossover status between the stage and screen versions of the story.

Frozen 2 comes to Disney +, Sky Premiere and now on TV from Friday, July 3rd – you get a year at Disney +. . 59.99 and 99 99 5.99 a month can sign up.

You can now sign up for একটি 99.11.99 a month to pass a monthly Sky Movie on TV – it’s also available with a seven-day free trial if you want to try it first.

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