French designer and fashion mogul dies at 98

Fashion designer Pierre Cardin dies under 98 Pic Pick Credit: ©

Famous French designer and fashion brand mogul Pierre Cardin has died at the age of 98.

Cardin died at a hospital in Newell, west of Paris, CNBC reported.

“It simply came to our notice then. Pierre Cardin is no more. A statement from Cardin’s family said, “We are all proud of his strong ambition and the courageous attitude he has shown throughout his life.

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The Academy of Fine Arts also announced his passing in a post on Twitter earlier today (December 19).

“Members of the Academy of Fine Arts are deeply saddened by the announcement of the death of their colleague Pierre Cardin,” the statement said.

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Tribute on Twitter

People have been paying homage to the fashion mogul since the news of his death broke earlier today.

Le Secretaire Perpituel, Laurent Pettiguard, et les Membres d’L’Academie des Boxes-Arts ont la Trাসs Grande Trieste d’Annorser la Disparce de l’Unifer Pierre Cardin. Il ait atl ilu le 12 February 1992 au fautiuil de Pierre Dux (in the section des Membres Libers).

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– Academy Beaux-Arts (acadbukarts) December 29, 2020

Celebrities and journalists paying tribute on Twitter include actress Mia Farrow, TV host Charles V Payne, The New York Times’ fashion critic Vanessa Friedman and journalist Nina Garcia.

Pierre Cardin designed clothing that was a work of art. This picture was taken the year before I came to Rosemary’s Baby for the filming of a movie whose cardigan was the most memorable for me for the eye-catching, impossibly comfortable clothes. I think of him as a kind man. If he could rest in peace.

– Mia Faro (িয়াMiafaro) December 30, 2020

Pierre Cardin died today and I am reminded of my adolescence when I started wearing cologne. I graduated to the big leagues when I bought my first Pierre Cardin in Walworth.

– Charles V. Payne (@KavPain) December 29, 2020

When we left in 2020, I was told about the #piercardin pass. Cardin gives his design examples of how fashion has the ability to design the future.

– Nina Garcia (@NinagarChia) December 29, 2020

The House of Dyer (Christian Dyer) also paid tribute.

The House of Dyer would like to pay tribute to #Piercardin, a rival to creativity and rearrangement, who constantly paved new paths in the haute couture and for ready-to-wear. The space-age couturier Monsieur Dyer began his career as the head of our Tailoring Ateeller.

– Dyer (Dire) December 29, 2020

Cardin dies after Tony Award-winning Broadway legend Un Rinking dies earlier this month

Monsters and critics reported earlier today that Deadliest Catch star Nick McGlashan has died at the age of 33.

Pierre Cardin Bio

Pierre Cardin was born in July 1922 to a wealthy French wine merchant. His parents were French citizens of Italian descent.

They moved from Italy to France when Cardin was old.

Cardin worked for some time as a tailor apprentice in his early teens and later studied architecture in Paris. She also worked as a model and stage dancer.

In 1946, he worked with Christian Dyer, before Dyer became a famous designer. Cardin started his own fashion house a few years after working with Dyer.

Her fashion house has designed masks and costumes for Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film Beauty and the Beast (La Bell at La Bete).

As a fashion designer, Cardin was famous for her bold designs exploring future themes.

From perfumes to clothes and accessories, she was more famous for her branded products.

He started the practice of selling designer clothing in department stores starting in the 1950s.

He was expelled from the Syndicate de la Couture in the aristocratic French Chamber for violating the guild’s policy when he teamed up with a department store to sell his goods.

But Cardin was neutral. He began branding perfumes and accessories such as luxury products and branding of essential products such as food and household items.

He successfully followed his sales and marketing strategies for decades and despite criticism by protesters who claimed he was undermining the value of his brand name.

Cardin also played a leading role in creating designer clothing for men and had high-profile clients such as Mick Jagger and Rex Harrison.

She helped mentor other fashion designers, such as Jean-Paul Galtier.

Cardin later entered other lines of business, including fast food, restaurants and real estate.

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