Fortnit for iOS and Mac is now officially blocked from receiving updates

Epic Games had earlier warned users this week that Fortnite for iOS and Mac would no longer receive updates with the new season due to a dispute between the company and Apple, which removed the game from the App Store. Epic is now informing players that, as of today, Fortnite has been officially blocked for Apple platforms and will not receive any updates.

In an email sent to Fortnite players today, Epic Games has once again warned that Apple is blocking the game in the App Store and that iOS and Mac users will no longer receive any new in-game content.

Apple is blocking Fortnite updates and new installs in the App Store, saying it will take away our ability to develop Fortnit for Apple devices. As a result, Chapter 2 – Season 4 Update (v14.00), August 27 was not released on iOS and MacOS.

Players who have already downloaded Fortnite from the iOS App Store will still be able to install earlier versions of the game on their iPhone or iPad, but from now on there will be some limitations. “If you already downloaded Fortnite through the App Store, you should be able to continue the v13.40 update of Chapter 2 – Season 3,” Epic said.

Fortanite is not provided for Mac users through the App Store. However, the game company has decided to stop updating the Mac version of the game.

No new items added to the newer versions of Fortnite will be found in the iOS and Mac versions, and this includes gifts and challenges. Epic Games again mentions that Battle Lab, Duos and LTM game modes are currently disabled on iOS. This means the iPhone, iPad and Mac are losing compatibility with the Fortnite Cross platform.

To continue playing with Fortnit’s latest update, users must download the game on other platforms such as Windows or Android.

Chapter 2 – Now to play Season 4, download Fortnite on PC or PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. If you want to play Fortnit on Android, you can access the latest version of Fortnit from Fortnit / Android or the Epic Games app for Android in the Samsung Galaxy Store.

In response to the recent Fortnite campaign, Apple recently announced that it was closing the developer account for Epic this Friday, which would prevent the gaming company from accessing development tools for any Apple platform, including iOS, MacOS and TVOS. However, at the outset of this judgment, the judge ruled that Apple could not close epic developer accounts related to unrealistic engines or other epic features.

Epic responded to a lawsuit alleging that Apple was again asked to allow Fortnit in the App Store with its own payment system, since the controversy began when Fortnit was updated to avoid Apple’s app-purchasing system. Judge Jovan Gonzalez Rogers, however, ruled that Apple would no longer need to allow Fortnite in the App Store, as the game actually violated Apple’s terms.

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