/Former Army Hummer Courtney Vuskovich complains that call me your name The actor ‘wanted to break my ribs and eat the kebab’

Former Army Hummer Courtney Vuskovich complains that call me your name The actor ‘wanted to break my ribs and eat the kebab’

Actor Army Hummer is at the center of “Man-eating DMs” spreading rumors on social media. Peak Credit: Image Collection / Carrie-Nelson

Army Hammer’s ex-girlfriend, Courtney Vuskovich, claims that the Call My By Your Name actor is involved in bizarre NSFW fantasies about barbecuing and eating her body parts.

Vuskovich tells Page Six that the hammer told him he wanted to break his ribs and eat barbecue.

Vuskovich said Hummer’s behavior was strange, but he didn’t take it seriously at the time.

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According to the founder of the Dallas-based Flashed App, Hummer told him he wanted to take his bite. He further said that he would suck or lick if he had a cut.

Vuskovich and Hummer said about the time period between 2020 and August 2020 that Hummer’s ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers filed for divorce decades after the marriage.

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According to the Daily Mail, Hummer reportedly filed for divorce after he stumbled upon romantic text messages on his phone.

Rumors of Army Hummer’s “man-eating DMs” have spread on social media

Monster and critics said several of the alleged female victims took to social media to post screenshots of the victim DM, claiming the actor had sent them.

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Alleged private messages included macabre references to normalization. One message acknowledged the sender was “100% a hell of a person” and the other mentioned drinking human blood.

In another message the sender “appeared to express a desire to cut off one of your toes and put it in my pocket so that I always had a share of me”

The messages went viral on social media, including Twitter.

Social media users have debated the veracity of the alleged messages. Some dismiss them as fakes while others dismiss them as true.

Multiple victims of Army Hummer came out that he used his reputation to call them “kitty” to manipulate sexual relations and drink their blood, now what in Hannibal Letter ??? pic.twitter.com/LWxgZdXC4t

– Tevin @ (ভTevinEugust) January 10, 2021

“The man-eating DMs” weren’t surprised, Vuskovich said

Although Vuskovich was unable to confirm the veracity of the cannibalistic DMs, he said they were not surprised by his alleged experience while dating Hummer.

He claimed that Hummer “liked the idea of ​​skin on his teeth.”

He also complained that his relationship with Hummer was emotionally and physically abusive. He said it was easy for the hammer to fall because he was a “depressed” and “beautiful” person who was also good at “herringbone”.

She complained that her relationship with him had spread after she became so emotional that she did not feel safe or comfortable with him.

Vuskovic was accused of physically assaulting musician FKA Twigs Shia La Lauf and infecting him with an STD.

Hummer has blown up social media rumors

On Wednesday, amid rumors and speculation on social media, Hummer released a statement to multiple media outlets.

He rejected the social media speculation and announced that he was “moving away” from his role in the Shotgun Wedding film.

Hammer was set to star alongside Jennifer Lopez in the romantic adventure film.

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