Former Apple engineers can assist Apple’s current engineers

The new system, created by former Apple engineers, has created a system that could be effective for current Apple engineers during the coronavirus crisis.

One of the first steps Apple took in response to the virus was to ban American engineers from flying to China. It is widely expected that this understandable warning could delay the launch of the iPhone 12.

According to Apple, the supply of iPhone engineers to China was cut off in February.

In February, Digitimes reported that Apple had stopped sending iPhone engineers to China, which had stopped testing prototypes of the iPhone 12. He reiterated that travel bans with Apple Engineers are now being extended until April.

Although mass production of the iPhone 12 won’t begin until July, Apple is using Spring to finalize the prototypes and close the production process for its devices. The iPhone 12 still seems to be stuck in the engineering certification test stage; Before mass production can begin, it must pass the design certificate test և production certificate test stages.

Recent reports suggest that delays in these tests will result in the release of this year’s flagship iPhone from September to October.

But Reuters has reported on the creation of a new venture that could eliminate the need to send factories to production certification engineers.

But a new system built by former Apple Inc. engineers has created a system that will help engineers solve remotely.

California-based Instrumental Inc., founded by Anna-Katrina Shedletsky’s Sam Weiss. Created a system based on camera-based production lines and then analyzed images with artificial intelligence software.

To solve a problem, the engineer simply has to board a plane and login to a computer program.

Hundreds of problems can occur on the first day of a product and to solve them, traders “send people around 6,000 miles around the world to stand at random points and hope they can solve these problems.” To be successful in the right place at the right time, ”Shedletsky said.

In contrast, the camera and artificial intelligence can detect missing screws, turning springs or damaged batteries in real time with high accuracy.

The system was used by Motorola Fleece, the manufacturer of heat cameras, but it was difficult to travel to and from China.

“Although some parts of the world may be open and free, travel is less likely to be open and free for a while,” Shedletsky said.

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