For the third Test, Pikovsky left a mixture of stubbornness and selection

“I think if you can rest your mind with it, it’s really positive for him. He is in a great frame of mind. He is incredibly positive about playing cricket. He has undergone rigorous training this week. Since he and I have discussed it several times, and I’m sure there are other people, the only way to get back on horseback is to get back on horseback.

“It simply came to our notice then. Everyone will have a different opinion about it. He is the one who has come out of there and faced short-term bowling, whether he is from India or South Australia or Western Australia. He was the one who got the courage to go back to that horse. He wants to do it and it’s a really positive sign to move forward. “

Former Australian opener Chris Rogers wants to manage any barrage, the Indians are preparing Pepper Puchovsky with a short ball to test the strategy.

“As he (Pukowski) puts it, every team that has played against him has bowled him a lot. He practiced it, he did the short ball in the thousands and thousands and he hit the other day, ”Langer said.

The Australians will train at the SCG nets on Wednesday afternoon, where Warner will return to Adelaide and Melbourne with the groin left behind.

Langer said Warner was still willing to take the “pain” of the injury as a complete cure, which “hopefully won’t stop him too much”. Langer, however, said the injury was not likely to escalate if Warner could play and he should be left in doubt for next month’s South Africa Test tour – if it goes ahead.

The possible return of Warner and Pukowski means Travis Head has emerged as a pick, failing to make a big impact in the series so far.

“Heidi is a good player, his average in Test cricket is 40. He’s a really aggressive player in the middle overs, he can take the game away,” Langer said.

“He’s on the team right now – although this game changes what I can’t tell you. We made some decisions for the next two games. However, he is a very good player, very liked and respected in the group. ”

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