/Footage of the new Little Nightmare 2 gameplay takes viewers to school

Footage of the new Little Nightmare 2 gameplay takes viewers to school

The first installment of the Little Nightmare franchise was a mega-hit. Fans could not do enough for this overly spread environment as we played the role of a young girl trapped in a kind of hellish nightmare. The game ended with us wondering what happened as the players crossed this game as a side-scrolling platform with dangerous obstacles and the funny giant human who faced the death of our heroine with the players running to different levels jumping up and down. It was clear that there was much more to this story to dive into the players and was grateful that the developers were bringing out a sequel.

Little Nightmare 2 is releasing this year and it is filled with the same kind of horror that we love from the first game. This time it seems that our heroine is playing the role of a side character from the first game. Instead, players will set foot in a new role with a paper bag over a young boy’s head. The two are going on another dangerous journey but this time around it seems to have more battle features.

After the game was delayed from the alleged launch window of 2020, we no longer have to wait long. In fact, a new trailer was released online to showcase some of our gameplay as we set foot on this awesome platform. In the latest gameplay footage, we look at a school that has to deal with quite an unusual teacher.

You can watch the latest trailer in the video embedded above. When you can get your hands on a copy of Little Nightmare 2, the game will officially launch on February 11, 2021 on your Nintendo Switch platforms. That being said, it is worth mentioning that you can expect to launch a version for the Xbox series X / S and PlayStation 5 console platforms later this year.

Source: YouTube